Hole by Hole Layout—Brazell's Creek

Course Layout:

18 Holes | 6,821 Yards | 72.0 Rating | 130 Slope | Par 71 | 33 Bunkers

Front Nine:

brazells hole 1

Hole 1

Par 4
Yardage 442

This converted par four provides a test to start the round. Keep the tee shot left of the fairway bunkers to set up your approach to the elevated green.

brazell's hole 6

Hole 6

Par 4
Yardage 411

With O.B. on the left and the woods on the right, the tee shot should be played just right of the bunker to give the best approach.

dotted line
brazell's hole 2

Hole 2

Par 3
Yardage 196

The play here is to the right side of the green. The left side of the green falls off into the hazard.
brazell's hole 7

Hole 7

Par 5
Yardage 534

Watch out for the hazard that runs the length of the hole and extends out into the fairway in the landing area.
dotted line
brazell's hole 3

Hole 3

Par 4
Yardage 404

A tee shot down the left side of the fairway will generally bounce down to the middle, leaving a fairly nice approach to the elevated green.

brazell's hole 8

Hole 8

Par 4
Yardage 331

Keep the tee shot right to avoid the heavy trees and leave the best approach. The bunker in front of the green was minimized in the re-design.

dotted line
brazell's hole 4

Hole 4

Par 3
Yardage 158

This par three requires precision as the green falls off on the left side.
brazell's hole 9

Hole 9

Par 4
Yardage 373

This short downhill par four gives the player the option to lay up short of the bunkers or try to go over them, leaving a shorter approach shot.

dotted line
brazell's hole 5

Hole 5

Par 4
Yardage 355

This is a risk and reward hole. A good tee shot down the left side will leave a short approach.

Back Nine:

brazell's hole 10

Hole 10

Par 4
Yardage 446

This is the first of the new holes. This par 4 plays uphill with a large waste area on the right that should be avoided at all costs.
brazell's hole 15

Hole 15

Par 3
Yardage 227

The par three signature hole
plays downhill over the hazard to a shallow green. There is a drop area at the forward tees for those who are unsuccessful.
dotted line
brazell's hole 11

Hole 11

Par 4
Yardage 347

Challenge the waste area on the left and you will be left with a short iron to a green guarded by two smaller waste areas.
brazell's hole 16

Hole 16

Par 4
Yardage 412

The tee shot should be played at the tower in the distance with a second shot played short of the fairway bunker for best results.
dotted line
brazell's hole 12

Hole 12

Par 5
Yardage 556

Keep the tee shot left of the
waste area to leave a long approach to a downhill green.
brazell's hole 17

Hole 17

Par 3
Yardage 200

It is better to be long on this hole than short. Be sure to check the wind direction on this hole before teeing off.
dotted line
brazell's hole 13

Hole 13

Par 4
Yardage 417

A long uphill par four, keep all tee shots to the middle or middle left on the fairway area
brazell's hole 18

Hole 18

Par 5
Yardage 570

Keep tee shot to the left. Be careful of the fairway bunkers of you are making a lay up shot for your second shot.
dotted line
brazell's hole 14

Hole 14

Par 4
Yardage 442

Keep the tee shot right of the 150 yard marker to get the best view of this green. If the hole is cut on the right side, play to the middle.