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How the Club Works


State park hikers have their own conquest that ends with an exclusive “I did it!” t-shirt. Georgia’s Canyon Climbers Club is reserved for those few who have scaled to the top of Amicalola Falls, explored the depths of Providence Canyon, braved the swinging bridge in Tallulah Gorge and faced the daunting staircase in Cloudland Canyon.

Created by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ State Parks Division, the Canyon Climbers Club is a way to encourage Georgians to “Get Out. Get Dirty. Get Fit.” The new slogan recognizes that parks not only protect natural environments, they also provide beautiful settings for exercise and recreation. Few would argue that climbing a 1,000-foot canyon is more adventurous and challenging than spending 30 minutes on a Stairmaster. The club also encourages families to exercise together in a way that is exciting for children.

To join the Canyon Climbers Club, hikers should stop by one of the four participating state park offices and purchase a $10 membership card. Membership cards are also available by calling 770-389-7401 or you may send an email with your name, address and daytime phone number to:

A healthy dose of enthusiasm and sturdy hiking boots are recommended. Once they have visited all four parks and had their card punched by rangers, hikers can redeem it for a t-shirt and bragging rights. No time limit applies, so hikers can take as long as they wish to visit all four parks.

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