F. D. Roosevelt 400 Mile Challenge

The Challenge

Walk, run, hike or bike 400 miles in the beautiful F. D. Roosevelt State Park within a year of start date. Obesity has more than doubled over the past twenty years. Now is the time to get children and adults active, and what a better way to do so than spending your time outside.
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The Challenge is based on the honor system which encourages responsibility and honesty in each participant. It is up to the participants to report to the Visitor Center or the online Google doc which an email link will be sent out to each participants to record their mileage for each day. After completion participants who completed the 400 miles challenge will receive a certificates and T-Shirts. If you complete the 400 miles before the year is complete we encourage you to keep recording your mileage. While 400 miles may seem overwhelming at first, it is only a little over one mile a day to complete the task.

Cost Choices

  • $10 fee which includes a 400 Mile T– Shirt after completion.
  • $20 fee which includes mesh drawstring bag, and a 400 mile T-Shirt after completion.
  • $65 fee which includes an annual ParkPass, mesh drawstring bag, and a 400 mile a T-Shirt after completion.