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Trails at Little Ocmulgee
This 2.3-mile trail loop provides a winding moderate walk through the sandhill and longleaf pine eco-systems. Various plant and animal species may be seen, including longleaf pine, wiregrass, gopher tortoises, wild turkeys, Spanish moss and several species of snakes. The trail also includes a boardwalk out onto the blackwater streams of the Little Ocmulgee River where tupelo and bay trees grow.
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This trail is 1.7 miles in length and winds through the longleaf pine eco-system with views of large magnolia trees, Spanish moss, and various pines including loblolly and longleaf.
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Located at Group Shelter 1, this trail will allow guests to take a peaceful boardwalk through the southern piedmont forest to the lodge and restaurant.

The park offers a 2-mile round-trip canoe trail along the tannic-stained waters of the Little Ocmulgee River. This area is excellent for viewing waterfowl, wading birds, alligators, turtles and numerous other species of wildlife.

The boardwalk takes you into an uncommon bay forest ecosystem. This hardwood wetland is dominated by three species of broad-leaved evergreen trees: loblolly bay, swamp bay and sweetbay magnolia. It grows on acid, peaty soils on the southeastern coastal plain. Typically, swamps in south Georgia contain cypress or gum trees. Even during the winter, the bay forest appears as a wall of dark green foliage. During the summer the deep shade feels cooler than the surrounding pine forest. The dense vegetation traps moisture, so the air is more humid and the ground stays moist.
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Click on the map below to download a pdf file of the trail map brochure for Little Ocmulgee State Park & Lodge.
Printed trail map brochures are also available at the park office.

(June 2007)

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