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   All About Birds
Grades 3-7
What makes a bird a bird? Is it a bluebird or a blue jay, a duck or a goose? Using their observation skills students will learn how to identify common birds of Red Top Mountain State Park and discuss adaptations of songbirds, wading birds, birds of prey and waterfowl. The program includes indoor and outdoor birdwatching.
S3L1 S4L1, S4L2, S7L4

   Animal Tracks
Grades K-3
After learning about some of the tracks commonly seen at Red Top, students will learn how to identify different tracks and create their own animal track identification guide. Then we will head outside to hike along the lake shoreline and look for animal tracks.
SKL1, SKL2, S1L1, S2L1, S3L1, S3L2

   Civil War Soldier’s Life
Grade 5
Meet a Civil War soldier and learn about the equipment he had to carry, including rifle, clothing, and packs. If two staff members are available, a blackpowder weapon demonstration can be included.

   Detective “Skull”-y
Grade 5
During this hands-on activity, students will examine different mammal skulls, record their observations, and try to identify the animal to which it belongs.

   Georgia Reptiles
Grades K-7
Meet some of the reptiles at Red Top Mountain and learn about classification, habitats, adaptations, and safety.
SKL2, S4L1, S4L2, S5L1, S7L5

Grades 4-6
Students compete in Water Olympics to investigate two properties of water: adhesion and cohesion.
S4E3, S6E3

   Happy Habitats
Grade 3
Students will explore the different habitats of Georgia and the organisms that live in them. There will be a short hike to explore lake, field, and forest habitats.

   History Hikes – All “Mine”
Grades 3-5
Red Top Mountain was once the home of the Allatoona Mining Community. Evidence of their lives still exists, including iron mines, road beds, chimneys, and more. This is a two-mile hike on the Iron Hill Trail to one of our iron mines.
SS3E1, SS4H2, SS4H6, SS4G2, SS5H1, SS5H3

   How to Use a Dichotomous Key
Grade 7
Students will explore the world of trees through use of a dichotomous key. They will learn what a dichotomous tree key is and how to use it. They will go on a hike and key out trees living on the park.

   Leave No Trace
Grade 7
Learn the tenants of Leave No Trace. Play an interactive matching game to find out how long different materials take to decompose. Go on a hike to put into practice Leave No Trace.
S7L1, S7L4

   Maps Made Easy
Grade 4
Learn about the cardinal directions and map basics using a grid map.

   Nature Hike
Grades K-4
Join the Interpretive Ranger on a hike through the woods to discover some of the plants and animals (and their habitats) that are found at the park. Hikes are highly customizable.
SKL1, S1L1, S3L1, S4L1

   Super Senses
Grades K-1
Children will experience the forest by using all five senses. Discover which senses forest animals rely on most and then test your own senses with a touch box and sniff jars. Go on a Ranger-led hike to put your newly honed senses to the test.

   Tree ID
Grades 5-7
Learn the basic terminology of tree identification while walking a half-mile trail. Use a “dichotomous key” to name over a dozen trees common to North Georgia.
S5L1, S7L1


To make a reservation to stay at Red Top Mountain State Park call 1-800-864-7275 or 770-975-0055.

To schedule your Field Trip Program call 770-975-0055

Red Top Mountain field trip reptile programPlease be ready to provide the following information:
   • Teacher’s Name and Contact Information
   • Name and address of School
   • Number and grade level of participants
   • Preferred Dates and times
   • Special Needs or Criteria

Teachers and chaperones are expected to participate and assist program staff as needed.

Fees: $3 per child
One teacher/chaperone free for every ten students.
Minimum group size: 10

** Our programs are correlated to Georgia Performance Standards and can be modified or altered for specific age groups or grade levels. **

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