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Skidaway Island State ParkSkidaway Island State Park is a 588-acre park near historic Savannah. This barrier island has both fresh and salt water due to the estuaries and marshes that flow through the area. Our park also offers school children a chance to bring their classroom studies to life. All Ranger-led school programs are correlated with the Georgia Performance Standards.

School children can hike the park’s 5.5 miles of trails and explore the park’s Interpretive Center on a self-guided basis or learn more about Georgia’s plant and animal life by participating in one of our Ranger-led school programs.


   The Salty Marsh
Grades K-12
Students will hike to learn about the salt marsh environment. Tides, adaptations, plants, and animals will be discussed along the walk. Hike is one mile in length.
S4L1, S6E3, S7L4, S5E1

   History Trail Hike
Grades 5-12
Students will learn about different cultures that were found on the island and how the local plants and animals were of importance. They will get to view first hand historic shell middens earthworks and a liquor still. This hike typically last 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
S6E3, S7L4, S5E1

   Life Cycles
Grades K-12
Designed for younger students to learn the basics about the life cycles of birds, mammals, snakes, and insects then take a hike to observe the natural environment.

   Owls and Other Birds of Prey
Grades 4-12
Students will learn about local owl species and other birds of prey along with the roles of producers, consumers, and decomposers. Adaptations, behaviors, and survival will be discussed. Owl Trivia and Owl Jeopardy may be played as well.
S4L1, S4L2

   Classifying Organisms and Their Lifestyles
Grades 3-12
Students will classify organisms into groups and relate them to the six kingdom system. Life cycles will also be discussed while hiking along the park's trails. Students will be asked to make observations of life cycles from each kingdom and identify them while on the trail.
S5L1, S4L1

Grades 3-12
Students will learn how fossils form and will see and touch exhibits and other examples. They will get to view Skidaway Island's infamous Giant Slouth and learn all about these mysterious and extinct creatures. The Earth's core, crust, and mantle will be discussed along with a brief introduction to rocks.
S6E5, S3E2

Grades 2-12
Students will learn about different insect species and how to identify them. Why insects are important to the environment will be discussed. Differences between spiders and insects and body parts of insects will be included. S3L1, S5L1

   Food Chain
Grades 3-12
Students will get an introduction to food webs and find out who eats what. Students will have the opportunity to explore the park and hopefully see the food chain in action. Students will also learn about the effects of pollution on the environment as well as human impact.
S3L2, S4L1

   Reptiles and Amphibians
Grades K-12
Students will learn about the differences between reptiles and amphibians. Live examples of both will be available to see. Habitats, behaviors, characteristics, and adaptations will be discussed.
S3L1, S4L2, S5L1

** These programs are the basic guidelines and last between 45 minutes to an hour. All programs take into account the Georgia performance standards and will be modified depending on the grade level. If you have certain standards or lessons you would like covered please discuss those as you are booking your field trip. **
• Team Building
• Scat and Tracks
• Wilderness Survival
• Hayrides
• Night Hikes
• Interpretive Center Tour
• Feeding Show

Call the park office to schedule your program:  912-598-2300 or 912-598-2301
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Please be ready to provide the following information:
   • Teacher’s Name and Contact Information
   • Name and address of School
   • Number and grade level of participants
   • Preferred Dates and times
   • Special Needs or Criteria

Teachers and chaperones are expected to participate and assist program staff as needed.

Fees: Program fees vary, typically between $2-$4 per child.
Teachers & Chaperones are free.
Minimum group size: 10

** Our programs are correlated to Georgia Performance Standards and can be modified or altered for specific age groups or grade levels. **

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