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Cloudland Canyon State ParkCloudland Canyon is a 1,800-acre park, encompassing a deep canyon in the side of Lookout Mountain near Trenton, Georgia. It is known as one of the most scenic parks in the state. Our park also offers school children a chance to bring their classroom studies to life. All Ranger-led school programs are correlated with the Georgia Performance Standards.

School children can hike the park’s nine miles of trails, and explore the park’s canyon, overlooks, and waterfalls areas on a self-guided basis or learn more about Georgia’s plant and animal life by participating in one of our ranger-led school programs.

The park has picnic shelters available as well as playgrounds and picnic tables, for lunch times and recreation.


   Canyon Geology
Grades K-2
Students will experience the unique geologic formations of the Cumberland Plateau on a one-mile hike into Cloudland Canyon.  They will compare and contrast the characteristics of rocks by feeling their weight, touching their surfaces, and using the "scratch test" to understand the hardness of each rock. The hike includes 600 stair-steps and concludes at the park's first waterfall.
SKCS 1,2,3; SKE2; SKP1,2,3; SICS 6,7; S2CS1, 2, 6

   Impressions of the Past
Grade 3-4
In this fossil identification program students will break apart rock to discover naturally formed fossils and use a field guide to identify and gather information about each fossil.  Based on their investigation students will draw a composite sketch of the ancient environment in which the fossil once flourished as a living organism.
S3E 1, 2; S4L 2

   Leave No Trace
Grade 7
Explore the concepts of land stewardship and habitat protection, as well as techniques for recognizing sensitive versus insensitive habitats. Students will hike into an area effected by poor land stewardship practices, where the tenets of "Leave No Trace" were not observed.  Time permitting, students will actively participate in land cleanup and improvement efforts.

   Pesky Plants: An Alien Invasion
Grade 7
This hands-on program explores damage to the environment caused by the introduction and establishment of invasive, non-native plant species to the Cumberland Plateau region.  Principle concepts include plant competition, habitat destruction, and changes to soil ecology over the long term by invasive plant species.
S7L2, S7L4

Call:  706-657-4050

Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Be ready to provide the following information when you call:
   • Teacher’s Name and Contact Information
   • Name and address of school
   • Number and grade level of students

Teachers and chaperones are expected to participate and assist program staff as needed.

Fees: $3 per participant for programs.
Minimum group size: 10
Maximum group size: 60

Reserving Picnic Shelters can be done through the reservation center at 1-800-864-7275.

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