Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites

First Time Camper Spotlight . . .

An interview with the Chris Latson Family:

How did you find out about the First Time Camper program?
Answer: As a part of CHAMP Fatherhood Consultants, I was interested in introducing another way to help fathers and father-like figures better connect with their children, and began researching Georgia State Parks website.


Why choose camping versus another activity?
Answer: As a Father it is important to create opportunities for my daughters to disconnect from technology, build family tradition and explore everything that nature has to offer. I would recommend Georgia State Parks to all Fathers.


What was the highlight of your camping experience?
Answer:  We all agreed that this camping experience was a lot of fun and very exciting. We felt that the folks helping us prepare our site were well prepared and were very instrumental in us having a great time.


What did you find to be helpful about the First Time Camper program?
Answer: We felt that all of the camping necessities were provided, for example the tent, sleeping pads, fire wood and hot plate. The staff was very detailed in providing instructions on setting up our tent, starting and maintaining a camp fire, and proper food storage as it relates to wild bears.


What did your family gain from the camping experience?
Answer: It gave us an opportunity to spend time with each other while experiencing something new such as hiking, making s’mores, setting up a tent, and taking the hayride tour through the historical Fort Mountain State Park.


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