Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites


Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Parks and Historic Sites Division
Sherry D. Hearn

Use of State Quality Core Curriculum Objectives for various grade levels and suggested activities
before and during visits are designed to ensure a quality learning experience.

Hours of Operation:  Open to the public Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Dress: Students should dress for an outdoor field trip appropriate to the
weather. Comfortable walking shoes and insect repellent are advisable.

Picnic Area
Soft Drink Machine
Gift Shop
Walking Trails

Special Park and Historic Site Rules:
Fort Morris is owned by the state of Georgia and operated by the Department of Natural Resources, Parks and Historic Sites Division. Visitors are reminded that others may also be touring the site. All plants, animals and historic features are protected by law.

Preparing Your Students:
Prior to the visit, students should receive background information about the site. Following is an outline of content related to the site. Teachers may use whatever portions are suitable for their classes.

QCC objectives from the State Department of Education that may be met through this field trip are also identified for teachers' convenience. Finally, a list of suggested activities, including maps and vocabulary is included. Copies may be made for classroom activities.


Field Trip Presentations, Including "Living History" Programs

Standard Presentation includes:

  • Video, 11 minutes
  • Museum Tour
  • Revolutionary War Soldier Talk
  • Musket Demonstration
  • Guided Tour of Earthworks
  • Living History Programs, available upon request
  • 18th Century Domestic Skills
  • Civil War Soldier Talk
  • "Tomahawk Throw"
  • Blacksmithing
  • 18th Century Children's Games
  • Colonial Dance


Follow-up Activities:
After visiting the site students' learning may be extended and reinforced with additional activities. A suggested list is included for teachers' use.


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