Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites

Before 1600 Development of coastal swamp; some use by native aboriginals.
1600 Claimed by Spain and loosely governed by missions and forts.
1733 Founding of Georgia colony.
1754 Trustees cede their Charter; Georgia becomes Royal Colony
1763 Treaty of Paris in which Spain cedes lands to St. Marys River to the British
1760s Laurens and McIntosh secure Broughton Island, Broadface and New Hope.
1770s American Revolution disrupts land claims and financial stability of Laurens and McIntosh
1803 Brailsford acquires Broughton Island; plants rice.
1806 Brailsford acquires Broadfield tract; family moves to Broadfield House.
1810 Braiilsford dies leaving property to widow, Maria Heyward Brailsford and daughter, Camilla.
1813 or 1814 Camilla Brailsford marries James McGilvray Troup.
1847 Daughter, Ophelia Troup married George C. Dent at "old Broadfield House"
1856 Couple move to Hofwyl House.
1861 Civil War begins; family moves to Ware County; Geo. Dent serves in Confederacy.
as does his son, James Troup Dent
1880 Son of George and Ophelia Troup Dent, James Troup Dent manages Brailsford-Troup property; marries Miriam Cohen.
1885 James Troup Dent regains Hofwyl lands in Ophelia Troup Dent's name.
1895 James Troup Dent regains Broadfield lands in Ophelia Troup Dent's name.
1931 Miriam Gratz Dent dies; property bequeathed to children Miriam, Gratz and Ophelia
1932 Gratz Dent dies without children.
1953 Miriam Dent dies without marrying.


Ophelia Dent deeds property to Georgia Historical Commission for Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


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