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Museum Sequence

1. Guale Indians This exhibit panel interprets the prehistoric use of this site by Native Americans of the area. It combines a panel with mapped distribution of Guale villages and a mix of reproduction and authentic artifacts. These include tools, pottery, beads, and projectile point.

2. English Colonization and Early Defense A small 1740-1770 cannon, along with small artifacts of the period focuses this exhibit on the English settlement of the Genesis Point area after earlier Spanish contact. Focus is on the settlement of the settlement at Hardwicke and minimal English use until the late colonial and post-revolutionary periods.

3. Ogeechee River Plantations This visual exhibit use maps and photographs to interpret the growth of plantations in the area and along the Ogeechee River. Information provides a contrast between early settlers and later, affluent planters such as the McAllisters of Strathy Hall.

4. Guardian Of The Ogeechee: Genesis Point Battery-Fort McAllister Focusing first on the significance of its location, this exhibit traces the evolution of Ft. McAllister. Drawings and plans as well as building materials are exhibited. Emphasis is given to the use of earthworks and their construction.

5. Sand Versus Masonry: The Triumph Of The Good Earth By use of graphics and models, Forts McAllister and Pulaski are compared as examples of different construction methods and their relative success withstanding heavy bombardment.

6. McAllister: A Proving Ground Through photographs and words of participants, the testing of ironclad against fixed fortifications and the impact of heavy bombardment on those earthworks is vividly portrayed. Repeated direct hits against the ironclads is clearly seen, as is the heavy bombardment of the fort. However, neither is able to render the other ineffective. Currier and Ives print of the U.S.S. Montauk is featured.

7. Nothing Remains Of Her This exhibit bring full focus to the story of the Nashville with a rich display of lithograph, oil and an array of artifacts recovered from the vessel. A diorama of the Montauk firing on the Nashville anchors the many objects and visuals.

8. They Shall Not Pass Commendations and honors followed the perseverance and courage of McAllister under heavy attacks. Reproduction of reports and official commendations are combined with visual and graphic information.

9. Men Behind The Guns The human element of the McAllister soldier is explored in this exhibit of photographs and articles, and artifacts.

10. Garrison Life Was Hard Again, emphasis is placed on the life of ordinary troops; however, focus is on the daily lifestyles rather than battle. Ordinary tools, implements and personal items, some artifacts recovered on site are arrayed about a reproduction Republican Blues tent.

11. Sherman's March To The Sea With the use of area maps, photographs of Union troops taken at McAllister and artifacts such as parts of a recovered wheelbarrow and bullets, shells and recovered US eagle buttons, the significant capture of the site is highlighted. The immediate effect upon the fort as well as the greater implications for the war are balanced.

12. Fort McAllister Reborn Large photographs of the Henry Ford restoration efforts illuminate the "before" and "after" progression of work. Reproduction and authentic artifacts are displayed in this exhibit.

13. Samuel Cooley Photographic Gallery A rare photographic record of Fort McAllister in December 1864 is preserved in this exhibit. The ten 16" by 20" photographs, taken by Cooley as he accompanied Sherman on his "March to the Sea", are labeled to provide a full version of Union occupation.

14. Wayside Exhibit: C. S. S. Nashville A covered outdoor exhibit provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the construction and mechanics of a blockade runner. The large artifacts on display are part of those salvaged from the Ogeechee River nearby. This exhibit provides a visual connection between the artifact and its location within the diagrammed structure of the ship.

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