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Joseph E. Johnston

General Joseph Eggleston Johnston
USMA 1829

On February 8, 1807, Joseph E. Johnston was born in Cherry Grove, Virginia. He graduated from West Point in 1829, and served in the Black Hawk, Seminole, and Mexican Wars. Wounded in each one of these wars, he was wounded severely in the latter. He was serving as Quartermaster General and Brigadier General in Washington before he resigned to serve the Confederate forces on April 17, 1891, yet in the regular army he held the rank of Colonel. He was conferred the rank of General on August 31 of that year. Replacing Jackson at Harper's Ferry on May 24th, he became head of the Army of the Shenandoah. At 1st Manassas he joined forces with the army of the Potomac, taking over for Beauregard. He later became the head of the Army of Northern Virginia and was wounded severely at Fair Oaks. He became head of the Department of Tennessee in November, 1862, but other than attempting to take over for Pemberton at Vicksburg, saw no active service in that office. In December 1863, he replaced Bragg as the leader of the Army of Tennessee, greatly improving conditions, morale, and discipline in that army, as a resolt of which "Uncle Joe" was much beloved among the troops. He fought against Sherman in the Atlanta Campaign of 1864. His strategy was greatly criticized, and he was replaced by Hood on July 18th. Later, he would be recognized for his ability as commander during that campaign. He was given command of the AOT once again in February of 1865, and battled Sherman's advance through North and South Carolina. He surrendered April 26th at Durham's Station, North Carolina. After the war he served as US commissiner of railroads from 1885 until 1889. In February, 1891, he served as pallbearer for Sherman. Because of inadequate protection against the freezing rain during that ceremony, caught pneumonia and died March 21, 1891.


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