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The following books are highly recommended by the staff of FDR’s Little White House. These titles should be available from your local library.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

Back of the Little White House, c. 1930s

Entrance to Warm Springs Foundation, c. 1930s



Franklin Delano Roosevelt, by Russell Freedman. Clarion Books, New York: 1990 ~ A biography.

Eleanor Roosevelt, by Russell Freedman. Clarion Books, New York: 1993 ~ A biography.


Eleanor Roosevelt, by Blanche Wiesen Cook. Viking Penguin, New York: 1994 and 1999 ~ A two-volume biography of the “First Lady of the World”.

No Ordinary Time, by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Simon and Schuster: 1994 ~ A well-written and detailed account of FDR and ER during the War years.

FDR’s Splendid Deception, by Hugh Gregory Gallagher. Vandamere Press, New York: 1999 ~ An interesting account of the efforts of FDR, his staff and the media to disguise the extent of his disability.

Blackbird – Fly Away, by Hugh Gregory Gallagher. Vandamere Press: New York ~ The personal account of a polio survivor’s struggle as a disabled person in an able-bodied world.

The Roosevelt Cousins, by Linda Donn. Alfred A. Knoph, New York: 2001 ~ A story of the oyster Bay and Hudson River Roosevelts growing up together (1882-1924).

The Roosevelt Women, by Betty Boyd Caroli. Basic Books, New York: 1998 ~ The Roosevelt women as mothers, wives and beyond.

The Roosevelts, by Peter Collier. Simon and Schuster, New York: 1994 ~ A detailed accounting of the Roosevelts, both Oyster Bay and Hudson River, including the younger generation.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Great Speeches, edited by John Grafton. Dover, Inc., New York: 1999 ~ A third edition of 27 of FDR's finest speeches.

Rosie the Riveter, by Penny Colman. Cown Publishers, New York: 1995 ~ A history of women working on the home front during WWII.


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