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Dear Educator,

Georgia's Geographical RegionsImage Map Piedmont Coastal Plains North Georgia Mountains, Cumberland Plateau, Ridge & Valley On the Coast Georgia's State Parks provide you and your students with a diversity of natural settings stretching from the mountains to the sea. We bring your classroom studies to life in our lakes and streams, salt marshes and sand hills, forests, canyons and more. Come for a visit, we are eager to share these amazing places with you! 

Click on the different geographic regions shown on the map to your right to see a listing of programs offered in each region.

Hands-on Learning

Your students will experience the wonder of nature first-hand on a State Park field trip. Our Interpretive Rangers are committed to helping students make the connection between classroom studies and their park visit. They provide enjoyable yet meaningful learning opportunities while fulfilling the requirements of the Department of Education's Georgia Performance Standards.

Life Science and Earth Science topics addressed:

  • Animal and Plant Life: Students can see and learn about the plants and animals that live in their part of the state. They will learn about their adaptations to the environment, their life cycle and about the habitats where they live. Older students will also learn how communities of plants and animals make up an ecosystem and how plants and animals are classified.
  • Geology: Students will learn about the forces that shaped and formed the land features we see today. They will learn about fossils, classify rocks and describe processes like erosion that change the earth’s surface.
  • Environment/Conservation: Students will learn about the effects of humans on the environment, conservation of our natural resources, pollution control, recycling and environmental sustainability.
  • Water: Water features including lakes, ponds, rivers and streams are present at all State Parks. Students can get their feet wet as they learn about the significant role of water in earth processes. As they conduct stream and pond studies they will also learn about the animal life that can be found there.

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