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Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites
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15-Week Curriculum
A condensed, 10-week curriculum is also available

Week 1

  • Orientation

Meet personnel, orient to office, site and facilities
Review D.N.R. policies, chain of command, computer use, and housing

  • Outline internship program, plan and rewrite this curriculum to meet the needs and interest of both the Division and the student intern
  • Review PMF for internship
  • Intern project – Intern should complete a project by the end of week 14. Project to be approved by manager or supervisor. Examples – develop a site related program; plan, coordinate and conduct a volunteer day event; research and write lesson plan for a school program; prepare a site plan for future site development project; write a weekly article for the paper; develop a site road show; develop an exhibit (temporary or permanent); participate in living history project, develop a school curriculum plan for site.

Week 2

  • General office administration

    Learn phone system and proper phone answering procedures
    Train on Spherix
    Overview of PeopleSoft
    General front desk duties
    Park Pass

Week 3

  • Site Management and Operating Procedures

    Review, discuss and assist with routine weekly and monthly site reports

  • Site Budget

    Review and discuss budget process
    Review revenue channels and reporting processes
    Review checking accounts procedure for petty cash and operating accounts
    Review purchasing procedures and processes
    Resale Operations – review resale budget, purchasing and reporting

  • Review Red Book – Site operating procedures
  • Review park and division organization chart
  • Volunteers – friends group and volunteers

Week 4

  • Artifacts Management

    Review resource management philosophy
    Review the Secretary of State Standards for Rehabilitation
    Meet with Department Interpretive Specialists. (Site manager should review Questions. Q and A session can be done over phone if travel is prohibitive.)

  • Review resource management issues for park or site

    Historical – structures, artifacts, landscapes, view sheds etc…
    Natural –Trails, flora, fauna, etc
    Discuss collection of plants, use of metal detectors, burial sites, collection of artifacts, etc…(relate to LE, rules and regulations)

  • Review any existing management plans or general development plans
  • Artifacts care

    Visit preservation lab for tour of facility and question and answer session.
    Discuss artifacts, storage, cleaning, exhibition
    Discuss records associated with the acquisition of artifacts (loan and gift forms)

  • Learn the proper way to record artifacts and assign accession numbers

    Assist with inventory of site artifact collection

  • Attend region meeting with site manager

Week 5

  • Continuation of week 4

Week 6

  • Continuation of week 4 and 5

Week 7

  • Visit other sites in the area
  • Work on project

Week 8

  • Review and discuss Programming philosophy (interpretive hand book)
  • Review site’s annual interpretive plan (discuss and comment)
  • Intern to prepare and present a program/tour
  • Work daily with site interpretive staff

    Assist with programs, tours, special events
    Write flyers and news releases
    Post events to website

  • Review Historic Marker Program
  • Participate in living history program
  • Review school curriculum program

Week 9

  • Continuation of week 8

Week 10

  • Continuation of week 8 and 9

Week 11

  • Discuss Division LE philosophy
  • Review LE procedures manual (Rules and Regulations)
  • Complete site patrols with discussion of enforcement issues (site lock up, site security, and etc…)
  • Review LE areas most related to preservation (metal detection etc…)
  • Review and complete incident and accident report

Week 12

  • Review site safety (safety manual)
  • Assist with safety inspections – structures, fire extinguishers, and equipment
  • Review maintenance request process. (Shop stock, user fee, capitol outlay, etc…)
  • Assist with building and artifact inspections as related to pest control, material decay. (Dry rot, powder post beetle, termites, u. v. damage, mold)
  • Assist with daily cleaning routine (proper care of historic structures and artifacts)

    Grounds maintenance
    Equipment maintenance
    Historic structure, artifacts, etc…

  • Complete any site maintenance reports

Week 13

  • Continuation of week 12

Week 14

  • Visit local chamber, historical society, and welcome center to understand relationships with the community.
  • Write an article about the site for the local news paper
  • Review site and state brochures. Understand distribution and development process.
  • Discuss development of films, slide presentations or Power Point.
  • Complete project

Week 15

  • Internship projects presentations and evaluation

    Intern will present his/her project to site staff and/or operation team members in an oral and written format.
    All assignments of the PMF should be complete and turned in
    Evaluation of project and intern using PMF should be completed

  • All checkout procedures and return of supplies and equipment should be completed
  • Summary of the hiring process and application review as appropriate

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