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Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites
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Griswoldville Battlefield Memorial

This memorial plaque commemorates the November 22, 1864 battle during General Sherman's March to the Sea between Georgia State Line Militia and Athens and Augusta Defense Battalions (Confederate) and Union 15th Corps under General Charles Walcutt. The battle raged just east of the smoking ruins of Griswoldville's famous pistol factory. Although the battle was a defeat for the Confederates, their bravery to charge repeatedly under intense fire awed veteran Union soldiers, who were surprised to find that many of the dead and wounded were gray-haired old men and young boys no older than 15. Surprisingly, out of about 500 wounded (including almost a fourth of the Confederates forces), only 64 soldiers were killed. The Georgia Militia later won the Battle of Honey Hill in South Carolina.

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