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Green Building: Arrowhead Pointe Golf Course Clubhouse

Extensive use of locally harvested granite on the building exterior. Extensive energy efficient windows provide natural light and a beautiful view

At Richard B. Russell State Park

The golf course clubhouse at Arrowhead Pointe Golf Course in Richard B. Russell State Park is a green building. This is not because it’s painted green on the exterior or because it’s located adjacent to a putting green and golf course. It’s a green building because it was designed and constructed to minimize the adverse impacts to the environment and the building occupants. Some of the green features of this building include:

  • Low flow and waterless plumbing fixtures that reduce water use by over 40 percent.
  • A heating and air conditioning system that is 30 percent more efficient than a standard system.
  • 87 percent of the construction waste was diverted from a landfill and recycled.
  • More than 10 percent of all materials had recycled content.
  • More than 50 percent of all materials were manufactured within 500 miles and more than 30 percent were extracted locally.
  • More than 90 percent of the building spaces receive natural daylight and have views to the outside.

This building has been designed and constructed in accordance with rigorous environmental standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council in its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating criteria and has been certified at the silver level. This facility demonstrates the commitment of the Georgia.

Construction waste management that resulted in 87% of waste being diverted from a landfill and recycled.


Recycling bins for different materials.

Waterless urinal requires no water for flushing.
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