Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites
Rules of Stable & Equestrian Trail Use
- Equestrian Facilities & Trails (pdf)
    • Present a negative equine infectious anemia test for each horse.
      (Please note that if riding at Watson Mill Bridge State Outdoor Recreation, riders must be in possession of a current negative coggins test, ready for inspection for each horse being riden.
    • Ride only during daylight, between dawn and sunset.
    • Do not ride on roadways or any other area that is not clearly identified for equestrians.
    • Do not ride in a fast or reckless manner.
    • Attend horses at all times.
    • Ride no more than 2 abreast on trails.
    • Do not graze horses.
    • Horse Riding GopherCamp only in the designated campground.
    • Do not ride horses into the campground.
    • Do not picnic in the campground.
    • Do not stable horses using a tie-line or temporary corral.
    • Do not put more than one horse in each stall.
    • Dogs must be leashed and attended at all times.
    • Only registered overnight park visitors may stable horses.
    • Return stall key(s) to the park office by 1 p.m. on the day of departure.
    • Remove soiled bedding from stall(s) prior to departing.
    • Do not consume alcoholic beverages in day-use areas.
    • No smoking in the stable area.

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