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Gopher Tortoise Project: Volunteer Training
The Gopher Tortoise Management Project at Reed Bingham State Park is an ongoing, non-stop project that is provided 7 days a week. Classes are scheduled and set up each year, however, training can and will be arranged for anyone interested in participating in the program.

For more information, please contact the park at 229-896-3551.
  Gopher Tortoise 7

Gopher Tortoise 2   Anyone interested in this training program will:
  • Assist with recording data from micro chipped adult and baby tortoises.
  • Collect tortoise eggs in May & June.
  • Monitor the eggs and care for the babies after they hatch.
  • Release babies from the eggs that they collect.
  • Assist with educational programs for schools, park guests and other work resource projects associated with the Gopher Tortoise Management Area .
  Gopher Tortoise 5

Gopher Tortoise 3   Gopher Tortoise 6   Gopher Tortoise 4

Gopher Tortoise 1

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