Internships at Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites

Golf Shop Management

15-Week Curriculum
A condensed, 10-week curriculum is also available

Week 1

  • Orientation

    Meet personnel, orient to office, site and facilities
    Review D.N.R. policies, chain of command, computer use, housing, Golf Operations Manual, organizational chart

  • Outline internship program, plan and rewrite this curriculum to meet the needs and interest of both the Division and the student intern
  • Review PMF for internship
  • Intern project – Intern should complete a project by the end of week fourteen. Project to be approved by manager or supervisor
  • Visit Other Courses

Week 2

  • Point of Sale system

Week 3

  • Merchandising
  • Inventory/Inventory Control

Week 4

  • Golf Car Fleet Operation
  • Golf Range Operation

Week 5

  • Course Operations
  • First Tee Starter
  • Course Marshal

Week 6

  • Tournament Operations

Week 7

  • Budgeting
  • Accounting Procedures
  • Mid-Term Evaluation

Week 8

  • Marketing

Week 9

  • Teaching/Private Lessons
  • Golfer Development/ Clinics

Week 10

  • Golf Course Maintenance
  • Turf Grass Management

Week 11

  • Clubhouse Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Facilities/Equipment

Week 12

  • Customer Relations

Week 13

  • Golf Packages/Outings

Week 14

  • Food and Beverage
  • Ordering
  • Complete Project

Week 15

  • Internship project presentation and evaluations

    Intern will present his/her project to operations team members in an oral and written format
    All assignments of the PMF should be completed and turned in.
    Evaluations of the intern project, PMF performance and the interns evaluation should be complete

  • All checkout procedures and return of equipment and supplies completed
  • Summary of hiring process and application review