Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites
Internships at Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites

Resource Management Curriculum

15-Week Curriculum
A condensed, 10-week curriculum is also available

Week 1

  • Orientation

    Meet personnel, orient to office, site and facilities
    Review D.N.R. policies, chain of command, computer use, and housing

  • Outline internship program, plan and rewrite this curriculum to meet the needs and interest of both the division and the student intern
  • Review PMF for internship
  • Intern project - Intern should complete a project by the end of week 14. Project to be approved by manager or supervisor. Examples – wildlife management, invasive plants, native plant landscaping, prescribed burning plans

Week 2

  • Operations section overview, spend a day or more at: preservation lab and artifacts storage facility, golf operations, reservation center, marketing, public relations and graphic design, interpretation, resource management staff

Week 3

  • Two weeks of park on-site experience, (if intern is located in Atlanta Panola Mountain or Red Top Mountain would be the locations of choice)
  • The following outline would be suggested:
    Park Administration, Reports, Budget, Management Issues and Operating Procedures, Maintenance, Law Enforcement, Interpretive Programming, Resource Management

Week 4

  • Continuation of week 3

Week 5

  • Selection of internship project and proposal action plan prepared, arrangements made for on-site work. Projects selected will be shared between disciplines such as forestry issues, wildlife, and exotic plants.

    Research, planning, write-up and approval of project will be completed in week 5

Week 6

  • Work in specialty areas weeks 6-10

    Work assigned will relate to ongoing projects and availability, travel, distance and time of year
    Week 6 Participate in prescribed burning program, assist with burn plans and participate in burning at park or interagency team sites
    Start internship project

Week 7

  • Participate in exotic species management

    Participate with exotic species removal, identification and classification of exotic species for future work, planning of removal and regeneration work
    Continue internship project

Week 8

  • Participate with forestry management work either on-site or on-location

    This work involves the planning and management of selected forest species to increase bio-diversity of our wooded resources on park and site property. Actual forestry operations may be observed or planning for future timbering
    Continue internship project

Week 9

  • Participate with wildlife management work

    Work with our contractor USDA Wildlife Services to gain experience in wildlife management. This includes relocation of waterfowl, deer management, survey and capture techniques, wild hog reductions, and removal of feral cats and dogs.
    Conduct impact or browse survey information for future management decisions
    Continue internship project

Week 10

  • Participate with botanical survey or aquatic survey or Smithgall Woods work

    Work with our Georgia Botanical Society volunteers with their botanical survey collection
    Work with Smithgall Woods resource management team to assist with management projects on-site. This work would include a day with the GIS manager at the Region 1 office.
    Continue internship project

Week 11

  • Week 11-14 would be to focus on the production and completion of the internship project and to participate in on-going experiences related to resource management. The intern would be involved with operations meetings, discussions and resource planning

Week 12

  • Ongoing work from week 11

Week 13

  • Ongoing work from week 11

Week 14

  • Ongoing work from week 11
  • Complete project

Week 15

  • Internship project presentation and evaluations

    Intern will present his/her project to operations team members in an oral and written format
    All assignments of the PMF should be completed and turned in
    Evaluations of the intern project, PMF performance and the interns evaluation should be complete

  • All checkout procedures and return of equipment and supplies completed
  • Summary of hiring process and application review

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