Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites
Internships at Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites
State Park Management Curriculum

15-Week Curriculum
A condensed, 10-week curriculum is also available

Week 1

  • Orientation

    Meet personnel, orient to office, site and facilities
    Review D.N.R. policies, chain of command, computer use, and housing

  • Outline internship program, plan and rewrite this curriculum to meet the needs and interest of both the Division and the student intern
  • Review PMF for internship
  • Intern project – Intern should complete a project by the end of week 14. Project to be approved by manager or supervisor.

    Examples – develop a seasonal orientation program; plan, coordinate and conduct a volunteer day event; research and write lesson plan for a park program; develop budget request for site equipment or repair project; prepare a site plan for future park development project

Week 2

  • General office administration

    Learn phone system and proper phone answering procedures
    Train on Spherix
    Learn front desk system
    Guest check-in and check-out
    Overview of PeopleSoft
    General front desk duties
    Park Pass
    Fishing License, special packages, golf, etc.

Week 3

  • Park Management Issues and Operating Procedures

    Review Red Book – Park operating procedures
    Review beach \ pool operating procedures
    Review park and division organization chart

  • Review major areas of operation: camping, cottage, swimming, group camps, etc.
  • Volunteers – campground host, friends group and occasional volunteers

Week 4

  • Park Reports

    Review and discuss routine weekly and monthly park reports – Revenue and expenditures
    Complete weekly and monthly revenue reports
    Complete other reports including attendance and LE summary

  • Park Budget

    Review and discuss budget process
    Complete a monthly park budget
    Review revenue channels and reporting processes
    Review checking accounts procedure for petty cash and operating accounts
    Review purchasing procedures and processes

  • Resale Operations

    Review resale budget
    Review purchasing and reporting

Week 5

  • Resource Management

    Review resource management philosophy

  • Review resource management issues for park or site

    Natural –trails, flora, fauna, etc
    Historical – structures, history
    Cultural – features and preservation

  • Review any existing management plans or general development plans

Week 6

  • Maintenance – work with staff for 2 weeks

    Read safety manual

  • Review daily procedures – Park Ranger

    Work order procedure
    Cleaning routine – work with utility worker
    Grounds maintenance
    Equipment maintenance

  • Housekeeping overview - Assistant Manager

    Review scheduling and scheduling issues
    Work with housekeepers
    Review housekeeping reports
    Complete a cottage \ comfort station inspection

  • Park Safety

    Safety inspections – structures, playgrounds, pools, beaches, fire extinguishers, and equipment

Week 7

  • Continuation of week 6

Week 8

  • Visit other sites in the area
  • Work on project

Week 9

  • Law enforcement – work with staff for 2 weeks

    Discuss Division LE philosophy
    Review LE procedures manual

  • Complete park patrols with discussion of enforcement issues
  • Review and complete incident and accident reports

Week 10

  • Continuation of week 9

Week 11

  • Park Interpretive Programming

    Review and discuss Interpretive Programming philosophy
    Review interpretive operating procedures – Interpretive Red Book
    Review park’s annual interpretive plan

  • Work with Park Interpretive Ranger or Assistant Manager

    Assist with programs
    Prepare and write flyers and news releases
    Post events to website

  • Review Historic Marker Program

Week 12

  • Continuation of week 11
  • Prepare and conduct programs

Week 13

  • Continuation of week 12

Week 14

  • Return to administrative duties

    Front desk operation

  • Complete project

Week 15

  • Internship projects presentations and evaluation

    Intern will present his/her project to site staff and/or operation team members in an oral and written format.
    All assignments of the PMF should be complete and turned in
    Evaluation of project and intern using PMF should be completed

  • All checkout procedures and return of supplies and equipment should be completed
  • Summary of the hiring process and application review as appropriate

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