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Reed Bingham State ParkReed Bingham State Park is a 1600-acre park located on the Little River near Adel, GA. We are known for our work with Gopher Tortoises and the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem. Our park also offers school children a chance to bring their classroom studies to life. All Ranger-led school programs are correlated with the Georgia Performance Standards.

School children can hike the park’s 5+ miles of trails, explore the park’s Gopher Tortoise Management Area on a self-guided basis or learn more about Georgia’s plant and animal life by participating in one of our ranger-led school programs.


   The Colors of Nature
Grade Pre-K & K
As students explore the natural environment they will observe through touch, sight, sound and smell as well as describe things found throughout the park. While exploring their surroundings, they will learn about nature by moving like the plants and animals they observe. The program includes a pontoon boat ride, a short and easy teacher-led nature hike and a live animal program. (A detailed trail guide is provided for the teacher-led hike.)

   I Spy a Dragonfly
Grade 1
Students will participate in a scavenger hunt while exploring the park on a boat ride and walking on a nature trail. Through observation they will search out characteristics of certain plants and animals and identify their basic needs. They will also learn about and describe the different parts of many plants found on the river and the trail. (A detailed trail guide is provided for the teacher-led hike.)

   Around We Go: The Cycle of Life
Grade 2
Students will observe different plants and animals and help rangers investigate their lifecycles. From frogs to snakes to mammals, they will be able to get up close and personal with creatures that start life much differently than we do. They will also be able to see and touch the seeds of different plants and learn what they will grow up to be.

   Mi Casa es Su Casa (My Home is your Home)
Grade 3
Children will search for animal homes, food sources and water sources as they explore the park on a boat and walk on a trail. They will observe nests and nest holes for birds and squirrels, gopher tortoise burrows, small creeks, a river and much more. This program includes a pontoon boat ride, a short and easy teacher-led nature hike and a live animal program.
S3L1, S3L2

   Home Sweet Home
Grade 4
From forests to wetlands students will explore ecosystems of the Coastal Plain Nature Trail and the Little River. They will identify and describe parts of the food chain as they venture through the different ecosystems and observe many different adaptations of the plants and animals that allow them to live where they do. The program includes a pontoon boat ride and teacher-led nature hike. (A detailed trail guide is provided for the teacher-led hike.)
S4L1, S4L2

   You Can’t See Me!: Amazing Animal Adaptations
Grades 4-5
Students will meet animals native to the Georgia Coastal Plain and observe their seemingly odd adaptations. They will discover why the king snake is colored the way it is, why gopher tortoises have shells and live in holes in the ground and much more.
S4L2, S5L1

Call:  229-896-3551
Daily 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Be ready to provide the following information when you call:
   • Teacher’s Name and Contact Information
   • Name and address of school
   • Number and grade level of students    • Preferred dates and times
   • Special Needs

Teachers and chaperones are expected to participate and assist program staff as needed.

Fees: Contact park for current fees.
Minimum group size: 10
Maximum group size: Larger groups will be divided into smaller groups as needed

The park has picnic areas and a playground.

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