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Georgia’s varied environment ranges from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean coast. It includes coastal plains, granite outcroppings, sand hills, salt marshes, beaches, forests, lakes, waterfalls and canyons. Wildlife and plant life is abundant. You can find alligators, gopher tortoises, tree frogs and black bears. Egrets, sand hill cranes, turkey vultures and painted buntings are common sights to birders. Live oaks, yellow daisies, cypress groves and long leaf pine habitats are a few of the native vegetation species to be discovered along with many other species of birds, animals and plants throughout the state.    

Our mission, “to protect our state’s natural beauty and historic integrity while providing opportunities for public enjoyment and education” goes to the heart of our Resource Management efforts.

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Resource Management Overview

The Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources created a Resource Management unit in 2005 to expand its ability to carry out the mission, vision and core values of stewardship, protection, conservation and education of our public lands.

The unit consists of a Parks Resource Manager, a Parks Interpretive Specialist, a Volunteer Resources Coordinator, a Parks Division Forester and a Parks Division Biologist. These individuals interact regularly and coordinate efforts with the Forestry Management and Non-Game Conservation section of the Wildlife Resources Division of DNR, with Georgia Power on arborist and invasive species management projects and with the USDA Wildlife Services biologists.

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