Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites

Better Choices, Healthy Changes
& Tons of Fun!

The The Tons of Fun Fitness Challenge is designed to encourage better choices when it comes to health and wellness. The program is unlike any other, because the emphasis is on making exercise and nutrition fun. After all, fitness can literally be a walk in the park! Nature has the answer to some of our most pressing health issues. With more healthy outdoor activity, as well as a diet that emphasizes fresh, locally-grown foods, we can acheive better physical and mental health. And we can have a ton of fun while doing it!

Fun To Do
When it comes to activities, nature offers something for everyone. This is what makes Georgia State Parks so popular. From hiking and paddling to tree climbing and mountain biking, we offer every age and experience level an opportunity to get out, get fit and have a ton of fun. Even most self-described "geeks" have fallen in love with out geocaching program, which combines an old-fashioned treasure hunt with online technology and social media. Our new website will help you find fitness trails, events and groups in your area. Plus you'l find fun powerful tools that help you manage weight loss and connect to a personal trainer for advice and information.

Fun To Eat
The Tons of Fun Fitness Challenge recognizes both sides of the fitness equation, exercise as well as nutrition. We just happen to believe that both can be fun. Organic advocates and celebrity chefs like Cat Cora show us that fresh, nutritious food can be fun to grow, fun to prepare and most of all, fun to eat!

Check out meal ideas created by all well-known chefs on our website,, under "Seasonal Chef." You'll also find popular Southern favorites with a healthy twist under "Southern Bites Done Light," as well as resources that explain what is being freshly-picked in Georgia each season. And don't forget to look for Tons of Fun food events taking place across the state. These events are your chance to learn about growing and preparing healthy food. And your chance to try fun dishes!


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