Community Volunteers

Many parks and sites need volunteers on a daily, weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis. Volunteers get an opportunity to be involved for whatever time they have to give. 

Here is your chance to volunteer as an individual, or with your family/friends for 1-day event or on a weekly basis at your favorite park. You choose your level of commitment. 

To become a volunteer in our system and learn about opportunities please click on register below.


**Please note, you will see an option to pay our registration fee and submit the criminal background check. If you are planning on volunteering more than 1 time per month this is a requirement. If you are only going to volunteering sparingly throughout the year you may disregard that step. Thank you for your understanding.

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What do community Volunteers do at our State Parks?

Interpretive Programs - Great for active or retired educators, volunteers are needed to produce fun and exciting interpretive, recreational, historical reenactments, or education events throughout the year.

Visitors Center and Park Office - Greet incoming visitors, share information about the park and its amenities.

Maintenance and Trail Work - Help to keep our parks looking their best.

Useful Tools for Volunteers

» Calendar of Volunteer Projects - see what projects are already planned and need help near you.
» Access to your account and volunteer profile - if you want to apply to volunteer or host throughout the state, access your account to keep it updated on your availability and interests.
» Log your volunteer hours online - this helps us show the tremendous level of support volunteers provide to Georgia State Parks.
» Latest editions of the Volunteer eNews - We publish the eNewsletter the first week of the month. See the latest releases here.
» More information on Friends of Georgia State Parks - The Friends of Georgia State Parks is the nonprofit organization that was created to help give back and fill a valuable need in our park system. If you have one park that you love, it is a great idea to become more involved in the Friends group for that Park. 
» Volunteer Packet and Guidelines - Our dynamic program manual that helps describe volunteer responsibilities and changing policies.

Definitions of Volunteer Opportunities Available:
  Campground, Golf Course and Train Hosting:
These volunteers live onsite from 2-6 months and help with the overall day-to-day operations on our parks, golf courses and train.
  Community Volunteer:
Many parks and sites need volunteers on a daily, weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis. This includes golf, conservation or train volunteers! These volunteers get an opportunity to be involved for whatever time they have to give. 
  Corporate, University, Scout and other Group Volunteers:
Find a tailor-made project for your organization to make a difference in Georgia State Parks. Utilize the time and experience to build your team, increase morale while providing a valuable service to Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites.
  School/University Community Service: If you have been asked to perform community service for school/university or other credit. Please apply using the Community Volunteer registration and indicate this is for credit with your school.
  Court-Ordered Community Service: If you are trying to serve Court-Ordered Community Service or reducing points for a traffic violation. Call the park closest to you and ask if they can have you assist their maintenance staff for court-ordered community service.  You can find the list of park phone numbers and locations here:

Want another way to get involved? Try Friends of Georgia State Parks to find out more.

For more information on volunteering, contributing your time,
or to receive your copy of the volunteer information packet, please contact:     |     770-389-7278