Roosevelt's Little White House Historic Site

Roosevelt's Little White House Historic Site
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt built the Little White House in 1932 while governor of New York, prior to being inaugurated as president in 1933. He first came to Warm Springs in 1924 hoping to find a cure for the infantile paralysis (polio) that had struck him in 1921. Swimming in the 88-degree, buoyant spring waters brought him no miracle cure, but it did bring improvement. During FDR’s presidency and the Great Depression, he developed many New Deal Programs (such as the Rural Electrification Administration) based upon his experiences in this small town.

While posing for a portrait on April 12, 1945, FDR suffered a stroke and died a short while later. Today, the “Unfinished Portrait” is featured in a museum that showcases many exhibits, including FDR’s 1938 Ford convertible with hand controls, his Fireside Chats playing over a 1930s radio, his stagecoach and a theater. Visitors can tour FDR’s home, which has been carefully preserved very much as he left it, the servants and guest quarters, and the nearby pools complex that first brought the future president to Warm Springs. Selected as a "Readers Choice" site in Georgia Magazine four years in a row.

Historic Site Hours:

9 a.m.–4:45 p.m.
Last film begins at 4 p.m.
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Day.

Historic Site Admission:

- Adults (18–61): $12.00
- Seniors (62+): $10.00
- Youth (6–17): $7.00
- Child (under 6): $2.00
School groups are tax exempt & must present tax exempt form to admissions.

Guided Tours:

A 90-minute guided tour is available Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. Groups can make reservations 2 weeks in advance for any day during the week. $20/person.


• Little White House
• Memorial Museum & Film
• Historic Pools Museum
• Legacy Exhibit
• Meeting Rooms (seats 20, fee)
• Large Picnic Area
• Two Large Roadside Picnic Areas

Things to Do & See:

• The "Unfinished Portrait"
• Walk of Flags & Stones
• Memorial Fountain
• Guest Quarters & Servants' Quarters
• Scavenger Hunts Through History

Nearby Attractions:

• Callaway Gardens & Day Butterfly Center
Columbus, Georgia
• Dowdell's Knob
F.D. Roosevelt State Park
• Fish Hatchery & Aquarium
• Historic Pools & Springs Complex
Pine Mountain, Georgia
Thomaston, Georgia
• Warm Springs Village
Wild Animal Safari

Little White House Educational Resources

English & Foreign Language Brochures

Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

Roosevelt Campobello International Park

Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute

FDR Presidential Library

The New Deal Network

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Note: Roosevelt's Little White House Historic Site has no reservable facilities.
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Traveling Exhibit: Beyond Rosie - Women in World War II
9 AM - 5 PM from Jul 22, 2017 until Aug 8, 2017 
"Beyond Rosie - Women in World War II" tells the story of how women contributed to the war effort. From the Museum of History and Holocaust Education at Kennesaw State University's traveling exhibit series.  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
GeoCaching Fun Through History
Saturdays 9 AM - 5 PM – Jul 22, 2017 until May 19, 2018 
Grab your GPS and find the spots using the coordinates below. Then post your images to our Facebook Page!  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
The Women in FDR's Life
Wednesday, Aug 2, 2017 11 AM to 11:30 AM
Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017 11 AM to 11:30 AM
A digital presentation of photographs of the most influential women in FDR's life including his mother, wife, secretary, cabinet member and girl friend.  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
Remembering Ravensbruck: Women and the Holocaust
9 AM - 5 PM from Aug 8, 2017 until Sep 18, 2017 
"Remembering Ravensbrück" tells the story of the Nazi concentration camp where more than 150,000 women were interred. From the Museum of History and Holocaust Education at Kennesaw State University's traveling exhibit series.  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
FDR: From Assistant Sec of the Navy to Polio Victim
Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017 11 AM to 11:30 AM
A digital presentations highlighting Roosevelt's accomplishments during WWI as Asst. Sec. of the Navy through his run for Vice President and how polio nearly ended his career as "The Roaring Twenties" began.  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
The Dust Bowl - Soil and People Displaced (GPS SS5H5)
Wednesday, Aug 23, 2017 11 AM to 11:30 AM
Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017 11 AM to 11:30 AM
A presentation on how the Dust Bowl was created and its impact on the nation using photographs from the Farm Service Administration photographers.  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
A Nation With A Purpose - America United For Victory
Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017 11 AM to 11:30 AM
See a digital presentation of photographs, audio/video clips explaining America's involvement in WWII and how we mobilized for victory. GPS SS5H6  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
Remembering WWII - Operation Market Garden
Saturday, Sep 16, 2017 10 AM to 2 PM
Bob Anzuoni of the Ft Gordon Signal Corps Museum will present a paratroopers view of the largest airdrop of soldiers in history. Joni Melillo will display memorabilia from Merrill's Marauder Vincent Melillo. FDR portrayer James Fowler will speak in the theater on the conditions of the war.  $9-$14. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
Georgia's New Deal
Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017 11 AM to 11:30 AM
A digital presentation of the accomplishments that FDR's New Deal programs completed in Georgia. From artists painting murals in Georgia's Post Offices to Resettlement projects near Warm Springs, FDR helped remedy many problems of the Great Depression. SS5H5  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
Georgia's Warm Springs: A Natural Wonder
Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017 11 AM to 11:30 AM
The story of Georgia's Warm Springs, one of the seven natural wonders in Georgia. Presentation will cover the history of the water from ancient times and their use by native Americans through the FDR era and beyond  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped AccessibleSoak It In
Fala Day
Saturday, Oct 14, 2017 10 AM to 3 PM
Scottish Terrier Society of Greater Atlanta will present a fun-filled day of activities celebrating Fala. Activities include a parade and a variety of contest. More information at Dogs not allowed on Historic Site except during the parade.  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped AccessibleGet Outdoors Georgia
Fala: FDR's Faithful Companion
Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017 10 AM to 10:25 AM
A digital presentation of First Dog, Fala, who was so popular that he received thousands of letters from people and animals from across the country. He had a secretary appointed to him to answer all his fan mail.  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
Founder's Day: Thanksgiving in Warm Springs
Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 1 PM to 1:20 PM
In 1939, FDR spoke to the nation from Georgia Hall on Thanksgiving. We are going to replay the original radio broadcast after a digital presentation on the history of Thanksgiving at Warm Springs in the theater wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving.  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
The Honor Tree: A Photographic Tribute to our Nation’s Soldiers
Saturday, Dec 9, 2017 to Sunday, Dec 31, 2017 9 AM to 5 PM
Guests are invited to adorn our three trees with photographs of those who have served, or are serving, our nation's armed forces. These Honor Trees will be placed in the museum through Christmas. Bring 3"X5" copies, not originals because they cannot be returned. Include on the back any memorial message. Ribbons will be supplied. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
Pearl Harbor Remembrance
Saturday, Dec 9, 2017 10 AM to 3 PM
FDR portrayer James Fowler will recite the "Day of Infamy" speech declaring that a state of war exists sending the United States into WWII. Performances at 11 a.m., 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. US Signal Corps Pearl Harbor exhibit.  $9-$14. 706-655-5870.
The Tuskegee Airmen: The Segregated Skies of WWII
9 AM - 5 PM from Jan 8, 2018 until Jan 30, 2018 
The history and heroism of the first African American pilots to fly in combat during World War II is explored. This exhibit offers a look into the challenges and triumphs of these unsung American heroes. From the Museum of History and Holocaust Education at Kennesaw State University's traveling exhibit series.  $7-$12. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
The Triple Nickels & Military Order of the Purple Heart
Saturday, Feb 17, 2018 11 AM to 2:30 PM
The Triple Nickels were America's first all African American parachute infantry platoon and America's first "smoke jumpers." The Military Order of the Purple Heart is composed of men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds suffered in combat. Meet and greet some US Army Rangers who are perpetuating their legacy.  $9-$14. 706-655-5870.
Handicapped Accessible
Roosevelt's Little White House Historic Site
401 Little White House Road
Warm Springs, GA 31830
Meriwether County

GPS Coordinates:

N 32.880700 | W -084.686416
Located ¼ mile south of Warm Springs on Highway 85.

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Roosevelt's Little White House Historic Site
401 Little White House Road
Warm Springs, GA 31830 View Details

Roosevelt's Little White House Historic Site