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The Office of the State Archaeologist and Archaeology Section serve as the center of disciplinary expertise in state government.

The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 sets forth our responsibility to assist federal agencies in assessing the impacts of their undertakings on archaeological resources, which we do through review of development projects all over the state. We also work with a range of other state and federal laws. The most important of these state laws are Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) 12-3-52 and 12-3-80, which set forth the role of the State Archaeologist, and OCGA 12-3-621, which outlines landowner rights over the archaeological sites that they own.

We work closely with agencies and organizations both inside and outside state government. Some of our most important public partners are the Society for Georgia Archaeology, the Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists, the Georgia Council on American Indian Concerns, and the Georgia Archaeological Site File. The Archaeology Section provides assistance to the public, offering technical advice, information, and educational opportunities related to archaeology.

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Bryan Tucker, State Archaeologist and Operations Manager, Phone: 770-389-7863

Rachel Black, Deputy State Archaeologist, Phone: 770-389-7862