About Our Division

Cloudland Canyon State Park


The Department of Natural Resources’ Division of State Parks & Historic Sites manages more than 60 properties that preserve the state's environment and history. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Colonial Coast, our sites offer an exceptional variety of resources:

  • Mountains & Canyons
  • Forests, Fields & Marshes
  • Waterfalls, Lakes, Swamps & Rivers
  • Battlefields, Historic Homes & Native American Sites

Through these sites, we provide important habitat for plants and animals, give people a place to enjoy the outdoors, and protect historic places where future generations can learn about the past.


To protect our state's natural beauty and historic integrity while providing opportunities for public enjoyment and education.


Using our system's diversity and a commitment to excellence as our strengths, we will be a national model for quality service, resource protection, outdoor recreational opportunities, ecosystems management and interpretation of our heritage. We will provide an excellent work environment for our employees through effective leadership, proper training, challenging opportunities and a guarantee of fair treatment.

Core Values

  • Stewardship of our state’s natural, cultural, and historical resources is fundamental to the understanding of our past and the well being of our future.
  • Protection of the integrity of each site’s unique resources dictates the level of public use.
  • Engaging our visitors in meaningful educational and outdoor recreational programs is vital to their appreciation of the resources we are entrusted to protect.
  • Customers demand affordable, quality services and facilities in a safe, positive environment.
  • Significant and positive connections exist between our state’s natural and cultural heritage sites and the local communities around them.
  • As public servants and caretakers of the public’s funds, we must apply best business practices to all operational activities.

The History of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites


Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)

To ensure continued service to current and future Georgians, the Department of Natural Resources’ Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites Division (PRHSD) formulates a comprehensive statewide recreation policy every five years. This policy is contained within the Georgia Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP), a plan that also makes the state eligible to receive and distribute federal funds from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). LWCF grants support state, county and city outdoor recreation projects in three categories: land acquisition, development and rehabilitation.