Hunter Education Courses

The Georgia Hunter Education Course is available both online or as a classroom course.

Online Hunter Education Courses

Currently, there are four approved online hunter education courses (with varying fees) that provide a convenient alternative to the classroom course. 

Follow these steps to complete your hunter education certification completely online:

Training Hunting Dogs

Training Dogs on Non-WMA Lands

There is no closed season on training dogs on private lands.

It is unlawful to run deer with dogs, except during open seasons for hunting deer with dogs, or to take game by any means while training hunting dogs, except during open seasons for such game.

Deer Hunting Opportunities: Either-Sex Map

Select your county on the map to find out when the either-sex days are. Opportunities are listed by the equipment you will use. You can toggle equipment options on and off using the checkboxes to hide and show these opportunities. If you wish to clear the map, select the highlighted county or in the gray map background.

You will need to pan down the map to click counties at the top of the map. Pan and zoom tools can be found by mousing over the right arrow in the menu.