Internships at Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites

General Information

Georgia State Parks, a Division of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), operates the State Parks and Historic Sites Division (PRHS). PRHS offers a wonderful variety of natural, cultural, and historical resources, ranging from mountain vistas in north Georgia to the historic forts of coastal Georgia. The Internship Program is designed to teach students or individuals about the many and various aspects of PRHS site operations. Upon completion of the program, individuals would have a knowledge that would prepare them to understand what is involved to become a PRHS associate.

Internship Program Description

Internship BrochureThe internship opportunity offered by PRHS is designed to cover the total operations of a state park, including visitor services, maintenance, programming, safety and security, and internal administration. In serving as an intern with PRHS, the individual will be, in effect, a representative of PRHS just as a fulltime employed associate. At parks with large staffs, interns will see that associates are often assigned specific areas of responsibility and at parks with smaller staffs; interns will see that associates are more likely to be cross trained and responsible for a variety of areas. While all parks operate under the same administrative procedures, the actual onsite operations vary greatly. Parks include various attributes that may be natural, recreational, cultural, and/or historical.
Internships will also be available at the PRHS headquarters office with a modified program that would be customized based on the degree held. The headquarters internship is designed to cover business management, natural and resource management, park operations and administration.