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Planning and Policy

The Office of the State Archaeologist works closely with allied organizations in both the natural and cultural preservation fields to develop policies that benefit archaeological resources. Our office directly supports the Georgia Archaeological Site File at the University of Georgia as the official archaeological site registry for the state.

The Georgia Archaeological Site File (GASF) is the official repository for information about known archaeological sites in Georgia from all periods of prehistory and history. Located on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens, the GASF maintains a website containing the form to fill out to report a site and other information. Contact the office at:

The Georgia Archaeological Site File, UGA Laboratory of Archaeology
1125 Whitehall Rd, Athens, GA 30602
(706) 542-8737

Consultant's Directory

Our office does not provide archaeological investigations on private property. Additionally, it's rare that archaeology is done for "free" by university students or others. Archaeology professors must plan months in advance for field projects with their students and these projects are carefully selected with specific research questions in mind. Full academic schedules and the demands of archaeological fieldwork result in little chance of faculty and students performing complimentary work.

It is routinely necessary to hire a professional archaeologist, much as you would any other specialist or consultant. Small projects are likely to be reasonably priced; it is recommended that you call and discuss your needs with a professional archaeologist. See the Archaeology Consultants Directory.


Who to contact:

Rachel Black, Deputy State Archaeologist, Phone: 770-389-7862