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What is Friends of Georgia State Parks?

The mission of Friends is to partner with, promote and preserve Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites. Statewide, Friends works to raise awareness of the economic and intrinsic values of Georgia's greatest treasures. We work with state and community leaders to help make sure that our natural and cultural resources are well protected, well maintained and well preserved for generations to come.

At the local level, more than 50 chapters work with their respective sites to support individual projects and programs, raising funds to support local projects and programs that help make our parks and historic sites some of the best in the nation.

What Do Friends of Georgia State Parks Do?

  • Work with families and individuals to educate them about the great outdoors of Georgia.
  • Work hard to preserve and share Georgia's history and culture with everyone.
  • Help make Georgia State Parks accessible to everyone with projects such as stroller/wheelchair accessible trails, multilingual signage, short fitness trails and more.
  • Preserve parks and historic sites by cleaning up litter, general repairs/maintenance and other required tasks.
  • Provide volunteer assistance to help care for our parks and make them better for future generations.

Friends is entirely supported by its members and donors. If you are interested in finding out how to become a member or donate to help look after your Georgia State Parks, visit the...

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