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Crooked River is one of three of Georgia’s State Parks that offers saltwater fishing. Of these, Crooked River provides the most options for shore-bound anglers. Positioned on the banks of its namesake river, the park also allows boating and paddling anglers to reach surrounding marshes. Possible catches are black drum, flounder, redfish, seatrout, sheepshead, whiting and any inshore species found on Georgia’s coast. Shore access in the park includes areas around the boat ramp, as well as the courtesy dock when not in use by boaters. Shell bars, beaches and patches of mud and grass attract redfish, trout and drum. Downed trees covered by the incoming tide are good areas to target. A lesser-known access area that has given up several large black drum is at the end of the River Trail located between cabins 5 and 6. The North Star Bait & Tackle Shop is located next to the boat ramp in the park. (Information provided by

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