Fishing - Don Carter State Park

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Positioned on Lake Lanier, this park offers a variety of warm water species. The reservoir is best known for its spotted and striped bass fishing. The upper end of the lake also offers good options for largemouth bass. The best time for targeting striped bass is in the spring when they are making their spawning runs up the Chattahoochee River. Target rocky shorelines in the spring for the spots, and summer through fall they are likely to be in open water chasing blueback herring or shad. For largemouth, boating anglers can target downed trees, especially in coves. Don Carter has four paddling trails offering access to bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie and more. Kayaks are available for rent. Shore-bound anglers have plenty of fishing access as well.

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For any questions, visit the Visitors Center or call us at 678.450.7726.