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Ranger-Led Programs

To book a field trip, please call 912.384.7082.

Forest Discovery, PreK-5

Experience the Longleaf Pine forest during a ½-1 mile walk along a natural surface trail. Investigate the Gopher Tortoise’s habitat and learn what makes this Coastal Plains region so special.

  • Program length: 1 hour
  • Program cost: $5 per student
  • GSE: SKL1,SKL2,S2L1,SS2H2,SS2G1,S3L1,S3L2,S4L1,SS4G1,S5L1,S5L2,S5L3

Remarkable Reptiles, PreK-7

Discover scaly vertebrates to learn about their growth, survival, and identification. Models and live animals will be used.

  • Program length: 45 min-1 hour
  • Program cost: $5
  • GSE: SKL1,S1L1,S3L1,S2L1,S4L1,S5L1,S5L2,S5L3,S7L4

Down On The Farm, PreK-5

Experience daily activities on a farm in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Learn the history of our region and basics of agriculture during that time, from animals to crops.

  • Program length: 1 hour
  • Program cost: $5
  • GSE: SKL1,SKL2,SSKE1,SS1H1,S1L1,SS2G2,SS3E1,S2L1

Ranger-Led FAQ:

Q: What comes included with the program cost?
A: Rangers and volunteers lead guided programs. An itinerary for additional self-guided discoveries at the park, picnic sites, and parking will be included. Some specialty or more in depth programs may incur additional costs for supplies.

Q: Do you offer a discount to Title 1 schools?
A: No Title 1 discounts are offered.

Q: How do these programs relate to what I am teaching?
A: Each of these programs were designed to align specifically around the grade-specific standards outlined by Georgia’s Standards of Excellence.

Q: Is there a cost or limit for chaperones?
A: Two teachers/adults per 15 students are admitted free unless there are special needs which require more supervision. Additional adults must pay for the program. Any chaperone who drives a personal vehicle must have a ParkPass tag displayed in their vehicle. Cost for a ParkPass is $5 per vehicle.

Q: How early in advance do I need to book our program?
A: We ask that you book months in advance by calling or filling out the Program Request Form on Scan and email it to the park. For questions, call 912.384.7082.

Ranger-Led Additional Information

Educators and group leaders whether coming for a guided or self-guided program must fill out a program request form and be approved before they can come on a visit. There is a capacity limit for picnic, bathroom and parking facilities so we appreciate compliance with scheduling.

Outreach Programs

If you can’t make the trip to the park, we will bring a little piece of the park to you. Outreach programs can be scheduled within a 20-mile radius of the park. The cost is $150 per program for a group (maximum 30 students). Programs are 60 minutes in length and topics vary and are adaptable for all ages including adults groups.

Self-Guided Explorations

Educators and group leaders have the opportunity to experience General Coffee State Park on a self-guided basis. Educators may lead a trail walk, investigate the Heritage Farm, or bring in any lesson and use the park as their outdoor classroom. Teachers must submit a program request form and it must be approved before the visit. There are size limitations throughout the park for restrooms, picnic areas, and parking. Some areas may be closed, so scheduling is a must. We will provide an itinerary for the visit. There is no charge for a self-guided visit, but there are limits on number of students. The ParkPass fee for personal vehicles is $5.

Other Information

For any questions, visit the Visitor Center or call us at 912.384.7082.