Some parks are experiencing large crowds on certain days. Park staff may temporarily limit access to ensure social distancing and protect the health of the public and our employees. Please understand that admission may be limited for several hours and will reopen once there is available capacity. Click here to read our coronavirus response before visiting because some facilities & activities are limited.

Trails at James H. Floyd State Park

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Marble Mine Trail

Compacted Natural Soil | Moderate | Foot Travel Only

The one-mile Marble Mine Trail may be accessed from the day-use area. This trail follows the old road to the Marble Mine, one of the park’s most scenic features. The spring and winter rainfall generates a small 35-foot waterfall over the marble outcropping. Beyond the mine, it connects to the 330-mile National Scenic Pinhoti Trail and presents several winter views of Lookout Mountain.

Pinhoti Trail

Compacted Natural Soil | Strenuous | Foot Travel Only

The Pinhoti Trail is a 330-mile National Scenic Trail that traverses half a mile through the park. Either the Marble Mine or Jenkins Gap Trail may be used as an approach. The trail can also be accessed North on Highway 27 or South on Highway 100 and hiked 7 miles back into the park either route. The section that comes through the park is Georgia section 7.

Jenkins Gap Trail

Compacted Natural Soil | Strenuous | Foot Travel Only

The Jenkins Gap Trail may be accessed at the Pinhoti Parking Lot. This hike leads a strenuous climb to the top of Taylor Ridge accessing the Pinhoti Trail. The JGT, MMT and Pinhoti create a 2.9-mile loop with several shorter connectors along the way.

Lower Lake Loop Trail

Compacted Natural Soil | Easy | Foot Travel Only

The Lower Lake Trail may be accessed from the park office or at the trailhead on the spillway. Wildflowers, native flowering shrubs like the Oakleaf Hydrangea, and American Chestnuts can be seen along the way. Accessed from the connector trail starting by the cabins or campground can create a 1.8-mile out-and-back.

Upper Lake Loop Trail

Compacted Natural Soil | Easy | Foot Travel Only

The Upper Lake Trail may be started at the park office or in the day-use picnic area. This trail takes you over open water, across the boardwalk and between the twin lakes offering great birding opportunities. Meandering through several wooded, fern covered hillsides the upper lake trail also showcases many woodland wildflowers.