Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program


Program Description

On May 10, 2021, the Department of the Interior announced that the National Park Service (NPS) will distribute $150 million to local communities through the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership (ORLP) grant program. ORLP, which was established in 2014, enables urban communities to create new outdoor recreation spaces, reinvigorate existing parks, and form connections between people and the outdoors in economically underserved communities*. The competition will prioritize the selection of projects that will directly connect people to outdoor places, and that:

  • serve communities that are underserved in terms of number of parks and other outdoor recreation areas and have significant numbers of individuals who are economically disadvantaged;
  • create short-term and/or permanent jobs;
  • help stimulate local economic development;
  • engage and empower members of the affected community in the development of the project;
  • create or expand public-private partnerships;
  • benefit from a high degree of coordination among the public, multiple levels of government, and the private sector, to improve recreation opportunities for all; and
  • advance goals of, or meet, priority recreation needs identified in the state’s SCORP and other local, regional, state plans and/or initiatives.

As the lead agency for Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), the application process will begin with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Applications will be accepted by our office 4:00 p.m. on July 23, 2021. Submissions will be evaluated by DNR staff and the top two projects will be forwarded to NPS to compete in the national competition. NPS estimates that at least 75 proposals will be preliminarily selected and invited to develop and submit a final application for funding. If your project is selected at the national level, additional information will be required.

*for the purposes of this competition, ‘underserved communities' are those with: (1) no existing parks; (2) some existing parks but not enough to support the size of the population of the service area or otherwise able to satisfy existing recreational demand; or (3) some existing parks (potentially even an adequate number of parks) that are so deteriorated/obsolete or underdeveloped that a major redevelopment or rehabilitation is necessary to significantly increase the number of people or users groups who could be served in a way that would be equivalent to a new park. 

Please note: This program is a completely separate application process from our LWCF grant program. If you are currently receiving or have recently received LWCF grant(s), for the park, you may not apply for an ORLP grant at the same park.

Grant Information

Eligible Applicants:

The project sponsor must represent a jurisdiction of at least 50,000 people AND be situated within or contiguous with the geographic boundary of one of the 497 urbanized areas delineated by the Census Bureau.

If the project sponsor is a state agency or county, the project must serve an eligible jurisdiction of 50,000 people that is within a designated urbanized area as described above. 


Eligible Projects:

Acquisition and/or development of public parkland that is physically located within or contiguous to the boundaries of the urban area.


Available Funds:

$150 million available nation-wide


Grant Amount:

Applicants can request between $300,000 and $5,000,000


Required Match:

Grants require a minimum of 1:1 match from state, local, nongovernmental or private sources in the form of cash or in-kind contributions. All matching funds must be sure or firmly committed at the time of the application. 


Application Deadline:

4:00 pm (in office), Friday, July 23, 2021


National Selection Date:

April 1, 2022 (target date)


Copies Needed

Original and 1 copy (hardcopy)


Contact Us: Phone: 404.463.8629
E-mail: antoinette.norfleet@dnr.ga.gov
Mailing address: 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr, Suite 1352, Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Application requirements

A full application will include:

  • Cover letter from project sponsor (must include Point of Contact information);
  • Project narrative (10 page max) as described and defined in the Department of Interior’s Notice of funding opportunity;
  • Budget narrative (5 page max) as described and defined in the Department of Interior’s Notice of funding opportunity; and
  • Project timeline as described and defined in the Department of Interior’s Notice of funding opportunity;
  • Photos to provide context such as current site conditions, the surrounding environment, etc.
  • Maps and Plans including: Recreation area map; Map (or aerial photo) delineating project area and proposed boundary; and Plan or sketch of the site features.
  • Letters of support 


July 23, 2021:  Applications due to DNR

August 2021: Top 2 finalist for Georgia announced

April 1, 2022: National selection announced by National Park Service

Contact Us

LaVern Turner, Grants Specialist

404.463.8393  |  lavern.turner@dnr.ga.gov


Antoinette Norfleet, Grants Manager

404.463.8629  |  antoinette.norfleet@dnr.ga.gov


Taylor Brown, Grants Chief

404.463.8601 |  taylor.brown@dnr.ga.gov