Some parks are experiencing large crowds on certain days. Park staff may temporarily limit access to ensure social distancing and protect the health of the public and our employees. Please understand that admission may be limited for several hours and will reopen once there is available capacity. Click here to read our coronavirus response before visiting because some facilities & activities are limited.

FAQ - Georgia State Parks Clubs

Can I still redeem any membership card purchased prior to January 1, 2019?

Definitely! Simply email a photo of your purchased club card with your name, address, and t-shirt size to and we’ll send you your shirt.

If I have the old membership (Prior to January 1, 2019) do I have to complete the new challenge or can I complete the old list that I originally began?

You many continue your original club challenge rather than begin all over again. There is no need to do additional challenges.

Can I purchase club memberships at any park?

No, you many not. Club memberships are only available for online purchase at

Once I receive my t-shirt, can I exchange the size?

We prefer exchanges be made only in extenuating circumstances to prevent additional shipping costs. Feel free to email us at if necessary.

Can I purchase multiple memberships without having to register an additional person?

Yes, you can! Our online cart system has been updated to allow for multiple membership purchases.

Do you have youth sizes?

No, not at this time. We have adult sizes only. Sizes are Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and 2XL

Do the shirt sizes run small or large?

The shirt is a moisture-wicking cotton/poly blend and they run true-to-size.

Do I need my new checklist punched or marked off by a park employee?

No, you do not. You may simply keep track on your own. If you’d like to have your challenge acknowledged by the park visitor center, our folks would be glad to congratulate you, but it is not required or necessary.

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