Trails at Providence Canyon State Park

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Trails To Hike Canyons 1–9

All trails begin and end at the visitor center. To hike canyons 1–5, turn left at the first creek bed on the white blaze trail, and canyons 6–9 by turning left at the second creek bed.

Canyon Loop Trail

2.5 miles. Takes 2 hours but allow extra time to explore. Rated easy to moderate. Blazed white.

The White Blaze Canyon Loop Trail circles nine of the canyons. To hike canyons 1–5 from the visitor center, hike ¼ of a mile down to the creek bed, and turn left, following the creek bed into the canyons. Hikers may reach canyons 6-9 by turning left into the second creek further down the Canyon Loop Trail. After arriving at the end of each canyon, backtrack out to return to the trail. Turn right on the Canyon Loop Trail to return to the visitor center, or turn left on the trail to continue the loop. While hiking through the day-use area, follow the fence line for the best overlooks. The soils are very fragile on the canyon walls, so no climbing is allowed from the canyon floor or rim. While hiking into the canyons, it is best to stay in the middle of the creek beds, because the soils on the side can be very muddy, similar to quicksand. The canyon floors are prone to be wet or muddy, so wear appropriate footwear.

Backcountry Trail

7 mile loop. Allow at least 6 hours. Rated extremely rugged and difficult. Blazed red.

The 7-mile Backcountry Trail leads into the forested area off of the White Blaze Canyon Loop Trail. The beginning of it is ¼ of a mile down the Loop Trail at the creek bed itself. Instead of turning left into the canyons, turn right on the creek bed. This is the beginning of the Backcountry Trail, which winds through some river birch. After about two miles, it becomes rugged, ascending a steep grade. It follows an old logging road, where most of the primitive campsites are located. At site #2, a shortcut is available which will shorten the trail about ¾ of a mile. Further down the trail, as the trail becomes rugged again, six canyons may be viewed, but they are not accessible to the hikers. The Backcountry Trail will dead-end into the Loop Trail, where hikers will turn right. This will continue through the day use area. Follow the fence line through the picnic area for the best overlooks, returning to the visitor center.

Other Information

For any questions, visit the Visitor Center or call us at 229.838.6202.