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Ranger-Led Programs

Ranger-led school programs can be scheduled at Stephen C. Foster State Park. All programs are based on Georgia’s current performance standards. Please call us at 912-637-5274 or email either or for more information or to schedule a ranger-led program.

Teachers looking for an exciting way to cover Georgia history and environmental science look no further. These subjects come alive through the lens of the Okefenokee Swamp. A variety of in-person and virtual learning experiences can be arranged. School groups can participate in Ranger-led hikes and or boat tours. We have two tour boats that together can accommodate up to 30 students and staff.

For classes that can’t visit in-person, our interpretive rangers are happy to set up virtual learning programs. Depending on what you’re teaching, we can bring the magic of the swamp to your classroom through virtual lessons utilizing presentations through Zoom / Google Classrooms. Topics include: birds, reptiles, carnivorous plants, native plants, wildflowers, hydrology/ the water cycle, logging history, conservation, astronomy, and light pollution.

We cover the following Georgia Standards of Excellence:

S4L1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the roles of organisms and the

flow of energy within an ecosystem.

S6E3. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to recognize the significant role of water in Earth processes.

SS8H4 Explain significant factors that affected westward expansion in Georgia between 1789 and 1840.

SB5. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to assess the interdependence of all organisms on one another and their environment. d. Design a solution to reduce the impact of a human activity on the environment.

Boat Tours- 45 or 90 minutes  /  $8 per student
Virtual Lessons-  45 min – 60 minutes  /  $50 Per class

Teachers, Chaperones and other Group Leaders

Teachers, chaperones and group leaders will be responsible for maintaining discipline of their group. Any continued disruptive behavior that affects the quality of the experience for the other participants is unacceptable, as is any activity that is destructive to the grounds. Although these cases are rare, should they occur, they will be reported to the participant’s leader. Failure to act after that point could end with the termination of the program without refund.

Trading Post Store

We encourage our school groups to visit our Trading Post Store as a rotation. If you choose this, please be advised: Teachers please allow no more than 10 students in the store at a given time. Please have a chaperone in the store any time there is even one student shopping or looking in the store. If “shopping” is a rotation in the field trip, you can rotate children in and out as they leave OR you can give them a time frame in which to shop and rotate entire groups of 10 in or out.

Other Information

For any questions, visit the Park Office or call us at 912.637.5274.