Tales Of Scales

Curious about the snakes in your backyard and how they impact the world around you? Do you want to see turtles and alligators up close with a Georgia park ranger? This year, rangers are offering programs focused on snakes, turtles, lizards and alligators. We invite you to learn about the wide world of reptiles at Georgia’s State Parks and Historic Sites.

Learn about reptiles with amazing programs such as:

  • Native snake meet and greet with a ranger
  • Live box turtle exhibitions
  • Learn about snake thermoregulation
  • How to identify non-venomous snakes from venomous ones
  • Snake crafts
  • View alligators in Georgia’s wetlands Learn more about upcoming programs.

Completing the Georgia State Parks Tales of Scales Series

If you attend four Tales of Scales programs, you will receive a collectible pin and other small prizes from Georgia State Parks. Just get a free bookmark from any Georgia State Park or Historic Site. Have a ranger stamp your bookmark every time you complete a program. Once you have attended four programs, email a picture of your bookmark to ParksRFun@dnr.ga.gov and we will mail you the pin.

 Tales of Scales Events for 2024

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