Film & Photography in Georgia State Parks

The Hunger Games, A Walk in the Woods, Vampire Diaries and a Ken Burns’ PBS documentary: Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites have been a part of many film, video, and commercial photography projects in the state.

Projects have included:

  • Independent films & feature films
  • TV commercials & promotional videos
  • Live feeds, reality shows & documentaries
  • Music videos & fashion shoots
  • Print advertisements

Park locations offer some of the most outstanding outdoor spaces for filming including scenic overlooks, lakes, waterfalls, creeks and streams, historic settings and ruins, cozy cottages, camping, and lots of woods. They have been transformed into the Appalachian Mountains, Montana, Hawaii, and Christmas in Connecticut complete with snow.

 Commercial Film/Photography Request Application Form

* Each film application has an automatic processing fee of $200.00.
In addition to the processing fee, all film projects will be assessed a location fee.
The location fee amount will be determined based on the scale and scope of each individual film project.

To explore Georgia State Parks for your next film, video or commercial photography project, complete the application and email to to provide the details. Filming applications must be submitted no later than 10 business days from the filming start date.

For more information, please contact


Please read our park rules on drone usage and approval.