Georgia Department of Natural Resources Announces Project Finalists in LWCF Grant Proposals


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has announced the grant applicants who have been selected to move forward in the approval process to receive approximately $9.6 million from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant program. These funds will be used for the acquisition, development, and renovation of outdoor recreation areas all across the state.


The selected applicants will be invited to submit formal application proposals, which will be presented to the National Park Service for final approval. Grantees are required to match the grant award on a dollar-for-dollar ratio, creating a minimum of $19.2 million impact on Georgia’s parks and outdoor recreation areas. With some applicants pledging a larger match, the anticipated total impact in Georgia is $23 million.

“The local match for the LWCF projects selected to move forward show Georgia’s commitment to continue to expand recreational opportunities. These projects will have a lasting impact on the communities of the projects selected and citizens throughout the state.” said Walter Rabon, Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources.” said Walter Rabon, Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources.

LWCF has existed since 1965 with the intent on creating a partnership between the federal, state, and local governments to support communities to create close to home recreation areas by acquiring and developing park land as well as renovating local parks and outdoor recreation areas. Funding for the grants come from offshore oil lease revenues.

Georgia DNR conducts biannual grant application cycles for the LWCF grants. This year cities and counties all over the state submitted 72 proposals requesting $23.7 million. Of the seventy-two, 27 projects were selected.

The complete list of the 27 projects is below. For more information about LWCF visit

Adel, City of
Title: Upgrades to Adel Park Facilities
Request: $174,000 
Match: $174,000                   
Total: $348,000
Project: Renovate two of its most frequented parks, Jim Battle Community Park, and City Park. Both parks will receive new playground equipment and grills, and Jim Battle Park will receive a variety of upgrades to include refurbished basketball courts, new benches and water fountains, and an improved parking lot.

Alpharetta, City of
Title: North Park rehab
Request: $500,000
Match: $905,000
Total: $1,405,000
Project: The North Park rehabilitation project will consist of the removal & installation new poles and LED lamps at the Miracle League field, four softball fields, two multipurpose fields, six pickleball and five tennis courts.

Baldwin County
Title: Baldwin County aquatic center 
Request: $447,008
Match: $447,008  
Total: $894,016
Project: The purpose is to request funds for Phase 2, which will cover splash pad construction; landscaping and irrigation; fence and gate construction; water slide; splash pad (kid’s) water slide; shade sails; and seating.

Byron, City of
Title: Skate Park
Request: $250,000
Match: $250,000  
Total: $500,000
Project:  The proposed skatepark will cover 8,000 square feet with a combination of unique elements such as a mini-ramp, vertical wall ramp, broken sidewalk-ledge combination, and flip-bank.

Cedartown, City of
Title: Bert Wood Park
Request: $500,000
Match: $513,000  
Total: $1,013,000
Project:  Project will consist of the conversion of open spaces near the softball fields into a volleyball field; installation of new field lighting for two girls’ softball fields and one football field; demolition and replacement of the existing concession stand/restroom, and scorekeeping building; paving and painting of handicapped parking spaces; and resurfacing and painting of two basketball courts. Twelve new poles and modernized lighting systems will be installed and a new combination restroom and concession and scorekeeping building for football.

Centerville, City of
Title: Center Park playground
Request: $50,000  
Match: $50,000  
Total: $100,000
Project: Install additional equipment in another area of the existing park specifically designed for younger children to safely play as well as a sensory area that would be accessible for everyone.

Cochran, City of
Title: Willie Basby Park
Request: $84,900  
Match: $84,913  
Total: $169,813
Project: An ADA approved walking trail, ADA approved playground, ADA approved picnic tables, and a grill for the park.

Douglas, City of
Title: Eastside Park rehab
Request: $500,000
Match: $564,000
Total: $1,064,000
Project: Demolition of existing basketball court and replacement with two new ADA compliant; the baseball fields are also in need of repair with drainage issues and poor field conditions that prohibit safe play; rehabilitation of existing baseball field; ADA accessible street side parking; rehabilitation of existing and addition of ADA compliant playground equipment; replacement and addition of sidewalks & walking trail extension; rehabilitation of existing buildings-some not ADA compliant.

Euharlee, City of
Title: Osborne Park
Request: $500,000
Match: $500,000
Total: $1,000,000
Project:  All playground equipment will be replaced, and the ground areas will be releveled. The Bathrooms will be updated as well as the concession stand area. A canoe launch with a fishing pier will also be constructed.

Gainesville, City of
Title: Longwood Park improvements
Request: $500,000
Match: $1,100,000  
Total: $1,600,000
Project: Phase 1 of the renovation project will consist of demolition of the existing Dogwood Pavilion and its adjacent kitchen/restroom building and construction of a replacement facility with the same amenities and added ADA accessibility and parking.

Gillsville, Town of
Title: Stonethrow Park Development
Request: $100,000
Match: $100,000
Total: $200,000
Project:  Develop a more family-oriented park that will have both passive and active amenities and facilities such a playground and walking trail, as well as an event pavilion.

Hoschton, City of
Title: Mulberry Park
Request: $500,000
Match: $1,048,484  
Total: $1,548,484
Project: Development of a wide range of outdoor recreational activities, such as walking trails and picnic areas, and amphitheater.

Jackson County
Title: North Oconee Heritage Stone Mounds Park
Request: $500,000
Match: $1,460,000  
Total: $1,960,000
Project: Selective land clearing and the development of park facilities including an entrance drive, public parking spaces, restroom facilities, an informational kiosk, an open lawn, native planting areas, a playground, a concrete multi-use trail, a viewing platform for the main bird effigy, an outdoor classroom amphitheater, interpretive signage, and natural surface trail.

Jackson, City of
Title: Pepperton Park playground
Request: $100,000
Match: $100,000
Total: $200,000
Project: Install playground equipment within the existing 4.35 acres park.

Lanier County
Title: Lanier County Recreation Complex
Request: $500,000
Match: $1,007,000  
Total: $1,507,000
Project: Phase one consists of construction of three softball fields, one soccer field, a concession stand, restrooms, a paved driveway, and parking facilities.

Madison County
Title: Sammy Haggard Park rehab/reno
Request: $500,000
Match: $500,000
Total: $1,000,000
Project: Renovating playing fields, adding a tee ball venue, relocating the basketball and tennis courts for dual-use courts for pickleball and relocate the maintenance shop.

Madison, City of
Title: Madison Neighborhood Parks rehab
Request: $250,000
Match: $250,000
Total: $500,000
Project: Phase I of Madison’s Neighborhood Park Rehabilitation addresses deteriorating playgrounds with replacement equipment and accessibility upgrades for both Wellington and Hill parks. Wellington Park is to receive swing sets and trail expansion/connectivity; Hill Park is to receive reconstructed restrooms. Micro‐splash pads are to be added to both parks.

Marietta, City of
Title: West Dixie Park improvements
Request: $500,000
Match: $696,584.13
Total: $1,196,584.13
Project: Installation of storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and water service infrastructure, construction of a ramp and stair system, a connecting trail from Hedges Street to the main activity area at the south end of the park, as well as a looped walking trail and expanded paved areas around the existing picnic shelter, addition of a single user restroom, a playground, and a grassy play area.

Milton, City of
Title: Milton City Park & Preserve enhancements
Request: $500,000
Match: $900,000
Total: $1,400,000
Project: Phase 2 of the Milton City Park and Preserve renovation project will include demolition of the existing four tennis courts; create six tennis courts in addition to redoing (and expanding) the parking lot, a project that will involve new lighting. The construction of a playground will also be part of this project.

Peach County
Title: Peach County Park improvements
Request: $442,170
Match: $442,170
Total: $884,340
Project: Replacing the baseball field fencing (four at South Peach Park and three at North Peach Park) and replacement of score booths at both parks (six at South Peach Park and five at North Peach Park), including the electrical boxes at two booths in North Peach Park), refurbishment of the three parking lots and the two access roads at South Peach Park, and resurfacing of the asphalt trails, service roads and the replacement of two segments of damaged drainage pipes.

Pierce County
Title: Tiger Field rehab
Request: $343,000
Match: $344,000
Total: $687,000
Project: Constructing a new sidewalk from the parking area to the bleachers, as well as installing a concrete pad around the bleacher areas; replace the lights around the field with LED lighting. Resurfacing the access road and walking track and constructing a new parking area.

Powder Springs, City of
Title: Powder Springs Park
Request: $500,000
Match: $1,131,634  
Total: $1,631,634
Project: The project will include installing dog park structures, benches, landscaping, and appropriate sidewalks and fencing to access the park.

Towns County
Title: Towns County Splashpad and pavilion
Request: $158,000
Match: $158,000
Total: $316,000
Project: The construction of a splash pad to create a new recreational opportunity; a community pavilion with restrooms to serve as a support facility for pickleball players of all ages; and directional signage to better brand the recreation area as one park.

Walker County
Title: Walker Rocks Park-phase 3
Request: $283,000
Match: $283,000
Total: $566,000
Project: Phase III- develop two pickleball courts and a playground expansion.

Warrenton, City of
Title: Dr. MLK, JR Park rehab
Request: $394,500
Match: $349,500
Total: $789,000
Project: The addition of a new playground, baseball field, basketball court, and concession stand, covered picnic area, restrooms.

Wayne County Altamaha River & Leisure Services Authority
Title: Expansion of trail/boardwalk at Jaycee landing
Request: $147,353
Match: $147,353
Total: $294,706
Project: Phase 2 of the Jaycee Landing Boardwalk project will consist of adding an additional 650 feet to the present boardwalk.

Young Harris, City of
Title: Young Harris New Park Development
Request: $464,500
Match: $464,500
Total: $929,000
Project: Development of a new park that will host a Creekwalk Trail, Freshwater Snorkeling, Educational Pavilion/Amphitheater, Playground, Bathrooms, and open green space.