Take the Quiz: Which State Park is Perfect for Your Personality?


Customization and flexibility are the words for 2022! In today's world and ever-changing climate, customization in all aspects of life is essentially a non-negotiable for most, followed behind flexibility. Outdoor recreation mecca Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites system offers both, and here is why.


  • Easily Accessible - Open year-round

  • Wallet Friendly - ParkPasses are available for a day for only $5; ParkPasses are available for the year for only $50 and offers you unlimited access to all Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites and comes with special incentives. *This fee goes towards renovations, trail work, new programs and more.

  • Pick YOUR Park - Georgia is home to more than 60 state parks and historic sites located all over the state, complete with swamps, FDR’s Little White House, ancient Indian mound, canyons, chart topping waterfalls, lakes, mountains and more.

  • Interactive Communities and Clubs (without the unwanted close contact) - Muddy Spokes Club, Canyon Climbers Club, Tails on Trails, Junior Rangers and more.

  • Unique Experiences - Tree climbing, archery, ranger-led or self-guided hikes, sunset paddles and more adventures.

The natural resources found in the Peach State have the ability to transport guests to “far away” places without having to actually go that far. As an added bonus, exploring the numerous in-state offerings in Georgia’s State Parks saves visitors arguably the two most important things: TIME AND MONEY. (No plane ticket, no gas, no waiting for flights, no problem.)

With so many options, choosing the park best for you and your adventure buds is a breeze. Mix and match based on interests and never have the same experience twice. Take the official Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites Parks Personality Quiz and find out which park/historic site is perfect for you.

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