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Earn. Redeem. Enjoy. It’s that easy to be rewarded for staying at a Georgia State Park!

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Earn 10 points for every dollar that you spend on overnight accommodations, day-use facilities, and other reservable items at most locations. Begin to earn points on new reservations as soon as you are enrolled in the program.

* Excludes Amicalola Falls, Len Foote Hike Inn at Amicalola Falls, Georgia Veterans, Hardman Farm, Hart, Historic SAM Shortline Railroad, Jefferson Davis Memorial, John Tanner, Lapham-Patterson House, Little Ocmulgee, Robert Toombs House, Smithgall Woods and Unicoi.


Your points can be redeemed for free overnight stays and day-use reservable facilities at participating Georgia State Parks. Use them as you earn them or save them up for multiple days. Rewards points are redeemed at check-in.

Points can be redeemed according to the following table:



One free night of camping
(including electric, non-electric, RV, tent, equestrian, platform, backcountry and primitive campsites)

One free daily horse stable rental 3,000
One free night of a pioneer campground 5,400
One free daily picnic shelter rental 4,500
One free night in a tent cabin 5,000
One free night of adirondack camping 6,800
One free night in a yurt 9,900
One free night in a log cabin bunkhouse 7,700
One free daily amphitheater rental 8,000
One free daily conference/meeting room rental 10,500
One free night in a camper cabin 14,400
One free daily group shelter rental 13,500
One free night in a cottage 18,500
One free daily pavilion rental 16,500
One free night of a group lodge 30,400
One free night of a group camp 36,800


Enjoy that special family time when you earn and redeem your rewards points at Georgia State Parks. Spend that time hiking, exploring, and reconnecting around a campfire. Sign up for your rewards card the next time you visit a Georgia State Park during normal business hours. You’ll receive one card and two keychain tags for your household.

Program Details

  • For reservations, the dollar amounts for each night will be rounded down to the whole dollar (i.e. $25.01=250 points; $25.99=260 points).
  • Rewards program information and balance inquiries can be made in person, online or by calling 1-800-864-7275.
  • When multiple reservations are made in one transaction, the customer making the reservation will receive all of the points associated with all reservations. Points will not be awarded to the other occupants of the sites.
  • Points shall be awarded after an overnight stay or day-use facility rental is completed. "Overnight stay" means from check-in until check-out completion and not each individual night. Points received can be redeemed the day after check-out occurs.
  • Earning and redemption rates may be adjusted by Georgia State Parks at its discretion.
  • Points cannot be redeemed in the same transaction in which they are earned and can only be used when making new reservations. Refunds for an existing reservation will not be given in order for points to be substituted as a method of payment for a night. Previously earned points can be redeemed to pay the balance on a reservation.
  • Multiple free nights can be redeemed for the same stay, if the reservation meets the criteria spelled out above.
  • Points will be removed from the customer's account at the time of redemption.
  • If a refund is requested for an overnight stay transaction involving both points and another payment method, the refund will be given based on the payment method for the specific night that is refunded. (i.e., If the refunded night was paid in points, points will be returned; but if the refunded night was paid by credit card, the amount will be refunded back to the credit card that was used for payment.)
  • Points have no cash value and can only be used for the rewards offered by Georgia State Parks.
  • Only one Rewards Card account will be issued per household. Each account holder will be issued one card and two keychain tags for other members of the household to use.
  • Points from multiple accounts cannot be combined into one account. Points cannot be assigned to another person or account.
  • Points cannot be used for the partial payment of any reward level (e.g., 1,500 points cannot be redeemed for 50% off one night of camping).
  • Points are only awarded for reservable items. Points are not awarded for retail or other point of sale items, including, but not limited to retail, taxes, cancellation fees, gift card purchases, refunds, purchases at concession-operated facilities, recreational amenity rentals, park passes, golf fees, golf grills, historic site admissions, and programming fees.
  • Points expire if they are not redeemed within 2 years of being earned.
  • Reservations can be made online, at a park or through our call center. Payment deposits are required for all reservations. Points can not be used in place of a deposit payment.


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