Georgia's Bobwhite Initiative benefits nongame, too

The Bobwhite Quail Initiative is a private-land incentives program developed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Board of Natural Resources and the state General Assembly to address the severe decline in bobwhite quail and other grassland-forb wildlife species.

Eight years into the initiative often called BQI, it is clear this competition-based program is helping wildlife beyond the states beloved gamebird.

Treasured cove added to northwest Georgia conservation lands

McLemore Cove is many things. Beautiful valley. Biological treasure. Historic site. But one thing McLemore has not been is public property. At least not until October, when the Georgia Department of Natural Resources joined with leaders from the Georgia Land Conservation Program, Walker County, the Open Space Institute Inc. and others to announce the acquisition of 1,839 acres of the cove where Pigeon and Lookout mountains meet.

Part 1: Rare birds & state lands, DNR's eye is on the sparrow (and warbler)

By Tim Keyes

The State Wildlife Action Plan focuses on species of high conservation concern in Georgia.  Some such as bald eagles and wood storks are relatively easy to detect and monitor and have been addressed through existing programs. Others, including some that occur on state property, are more difficult to detect, and their ranges and densities are much less known.

Fall Line Sandhills: Rare Species Found Here

By John B. Jensen

One of the state's more unique conservation lands lies on the north side of Ga. 96 in middle Georgia's Taylor County, about 2.5 miles west of the square in Butler.

The state Department of Natural Resources approved the purchase of what is now Fall Line Sandhills Wildlife Management Area from AmSouth Timber Fund LLC for $1.33 million in 2006, a project announced in early 2007 and powered by a State Wildlife Grant and private donations.

From bugs to beavers, McDuffie puts unique spin on learning

Located in Dearing near Augusta, McDuffie Environmental Education Center provides fun learning and fishing in east Georgia.

The educational center is a collaborative effort between the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the McDuffie County Board of Education, along with Fort Discovery National Science Center in Augusta, the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Resource Conservation and Development Council, and the CSRA Regional Education Services Agency.

Grassland, canebrake habitat work gets boost from Georgia Ornithological Society

Part 2: Rare birds & state lands

By Tim Keyes and Nathan Klaus

The Georgia Ornithological Society initiated the Bill Terrell Avian Conservation Grant program last year. This grant is a tribute to GOS' commitment to bird conservation in Georgia. The Georgia Wild Resources Division's Nongame Conservation section received significant funding from this grant for habitat restoration work in upland grassland habitats and bottomland canebrakes.

Ft. Stewart woodpeckers

During the afternoon of Feb. 11, several teams of biologists from the Fish and Wildlife Branch at Fort Stewart and from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources spread out into the pine woods of the Army base. The exercise had been planned for the previous week, but was postponed due to excessively cold weather. Now, Mother Nature seemed to have over-corrected and the warm temperatures brought out hordes of whining mosquitoes.