Internship Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to know more about Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites.

Mission: to protect our state’s natural beauty and historic integrity while providing opportunities for public enjoyment and education.

Vision: using our system’s diversity and a commitment to excellence as our strengths, we will be a national model for quality service, resource protection, recreational opportunities, eco-systems management, and interpretation of our natural resources and heritage.


Three priorities guide our pursuit of this vision: Sustainable stewardship of Georgia’s precious natural and cultural resources. Affirmation of our role in building a conservation ethic in our state. Recommitment to organizational excellence in all that we do.

What are the expectations concerning hours per week worked?

Unless previously arranged, interns are expected to be on active duty 29 hours per week and cannot provide service more than 29 hours per week. Hours will include some weekends, nights and holidays. Since our busiest time is weekends and holidays, it is in the best interest of the intern to actively observe and participate during high-use times.

Is housing provided for all internships?

Some sites, but not all, are in a position to offer comfortable housing at no cost. During application, interns will be asked if they require housing. A signed housing contract will be required prior to occupancy. Overnight visitors are allowed only with the approval of the site manager.

Are interviews required as part of the application process?

Yes. A site interview with the manager is required. This gives both the intern and the park staff an opportunity to meet and discuss the requirements of the internship and tour the park to make certain the placement is a good match for all concerned.

What are the application requirements? What is the role of my academic advisor or internship coordinator?

Applicants are expected to be in their final academic year, majoring in a field relating to one of our eight internship curriculums. Potential interns will be required to demonstrate good academic standing with their school and show a desire to learn more about the management of state parks and historic sites. Either the student, the student's advisor or the internship coordinator can make the initial request for an internship. In all cases, the student’s academic advisor is actively involved in the application and approval process. They will be asked to provide a reference for the student and provide us with the academic institution's internship requirements. During the internship they are expected to partner with us through on-site visits and evaluation.

Internship Responsibilities & Program Outline