Intern Responsibilities & Program Outline

Responsibilities of the Internship Student

  1. To meet with her/his university supervisor prior to the beginning date of the internship.
  2. Provide all background information required by the university supervisor.
  3. Perform all responsibilities in a professional manner, participate in conferences and training sessions, and submit all reports required by the PRHS site.
  4. Visit, observe, and participate in phases of the PRHS site operation as assigned by the PRHS site supervisor.
  5. Submit all required reports to the university as scheduled and on time.
  6. In collaboration with the PRHS site supervisor, select appropriate curriculum to fulfill his/her needs and goals.
  7. Complete an internship project(s) as assigned.
  8. Follow the policies and duties outlined by the PRHS, meeting all scheduled commitments and arrangements made in connection with the internship.
  9. Pursue the internship with professionalism and enthusiasm.
  10. Reflect positively on and be a credit to both the University and the PRHS site.

Responsibilities of the Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites Division (PRHS) Site Supervisor

  1. One person at the PRHS site should have primary responsibility for the intern. That person should be assigned time to fulfill this responsibility.
  2. To have an initial meeting with the student to determine the specific needs and objectives of the student and assist the intern with selecting appropriate PRHS curriculum.
  3. In cooperation with the student, follow the provided outlines for each curriculum.
  4.  Meet with the student as needed to arrange schedules, discuss reports, assess progress, and discuss upcoming assignments and schedules.
  5. Inform the student of personnel policies and procedures within the first week of the internship. Also, inform the student that as an employee of the Department of Natural Resources, PRHS that all work related injuries are covered by Workman’s Compensation.
  6. Assist the student in understanding the role of the intern and of the PRHS site supervisor.
  7. Allow the student to progress at a rate that challenges her/him and yet is in the best interests of the PRHS site and its clientele.
  8. Provide the student with a curriculum performance evaluation of the PRHS expectations and responsibilities.
  9. Assist the student in meeting professionals in the field by introducing him/her at area, regional, and state professional meetings.
  10. Conduct formal evaluations with the student using the PMF provided by PRHS.
  11. The university supervisor will send the PRHS site supervisor a written mid-term and final evaluation required by the university. Additional evaluations may be made as the need arises.
  12. Work cooperatively with the university supervisor in assigning a final grade that is reflective of the student’s performance and consistent with the university’s grading policies.
  13. Provide suggestions to the university about ways in which it might improve its internship program.

Responsibilities of the University Internship Supervisor

  1. To review files of all students assigned to his/her supervision. The university supervisor  should be familiar with the student’s academic background, previous work experiences, strengths and weaknesses, internship objectives, reasons for agency selection, and with the agency itself.
  2. To meet with students prior to the beginning of the internship and outline their expectations.
  3. To represent the university in all official arrangements with the PRHS Site.
  4. To become acquainted with PRHS supervisors and personnel.
  5. To supervise the training of the student at the PRHS site, if within reasonable distance of the campus (approximately 100 miles). This supervision will include one visit during the internship. During this visit the supervisor should confer with the student and the PRHS supervisor regarding the student’s progress. The visit should include discussing reports, meeting staff, visiting facilities and observing work. Additional visits may be made as appropriate and necessary.
  6. To call the PRHS supervisor and the student as needed. In PRHS Sites that are not visited, calls should be made in lieu of site visits. Other calls will be made as situations dictate.
  7. To evaluate the student’s internship experience in cooperation with the PRHS site supervisor. It is the duty of the university supervisor to assign the student’s final grade.

Internship Program Outline

  1. Orientation
    1. Follow all new hire procedures
    2. Tour facilities
    3. Meet Staff
    4. DNR policies, chain of command, housing
    5. Goals of Program
    6. Review performance criteria for interns
    7. Intern should complete a project for site as determined by the site manager

Examples—develop a seasonal orientation program; plan, coordinate and conduct a volunteer day event; research and write lesson plan for a park program; develop budget request for site equipment or repair project; prepare a site plan for future park development project.

  1. Park Administration
    1. Front Desk Operations
      1. Learn phone system and proper phone answering procedures
      2. Learn front desk system
      3. Guest check-in
      4. Guest check-out
      5. General front desk duties
      6. Park Pass
      7. Fishing License
      8. Special packages, golf, etc.
      9. Active
    2. Park Reports
      1. Review and discuss routine weekly and monthly park reports—Revenue and expenditures
      2. Complete weekly and monthly revenue reports
      3. Complete other reports including attendance
    3. Park Budget
      1. Review and discuss budget process
      2. Complete a monthly park budget
      3. Review revenue channels and reporting processes
      4. Review checking accounts procedure for operating accounts
      5. Review purchasing procedures and processes
    4. Resale Operations—review resale budget, purchasing and reporting
  2. Park Management Issues and Operating Procedures
    1. Review Red Book—Park operating procedures
    2. Review beach\pool operating procedures
    3. Review park and division organization chart
    4. Review major areas of operation: camping, cottage, swimming, group camps, etc.
    5. Volunteers—campground host, friends group and occasional volunteers
  3. Maintenance—work with maintenance staff for 5–7 days
    1. Read safety manual
    2. Review daily procedures
      1. Work order procedure
      2. Cleaning routine—work with utility worker
      3. Grounds maintenance
      4. Equipment maintenance
    3. Housekeeping overview 
      1. Review schedule and scheduling issues
      2. Work with housekeepers
      3. Review housekeeping reports
      4. Complete a cottage\comfort station inspection
    4. Park Safety
      1. Safety inspections—structures, playgrounds, pools, beaches, fire extinguishers, and equipment 
  4. Park Security
    1. Discuss Division Safety/Security philosophy
    2. Review procedures manual
    3. Complete park patrols with discussion of enforcement issues
    4. Review and complete incident and accident reports 
  5. Park Interpretive Programming
    1. Review and discuss Interpretive Programming philosophy
    2. Review interpretive operating procedures
    3. Review park’s annual interpretive plan
    4. Intern to prepare and present an evening program
    5. Work with Park Interpretive Ranger or Assistant Manager
      1. Assist with programs
      2. Prepare and write flyers and news releases
      3. Post events to website
      4. Complete the necessary programming reports
  6. Resource Management
    1. Review resource management philosophy—see mission and vision statements
    2. Review resource management issues for park or site
      1. Natural—trails, flora, fauna, etc.
      2. Historical—structures, history
      3. Cultural—museums, exhibits
    3. Review any existing management plans or general development plans
  7. Community Outreach and Park Promotion
    1. Present to an off-site group promoting park/site
    2. Work at a Visitor Center promoting the park/site
    3. Work a booth at a tourism show promoting Georgia State Parks
  8. Evaluation
    1. Review intern project
    2. Review and evaluate performance
    3. Discuss hiring process and review completed application

PRHS will adjust the program outline as needed to address additional areas required by colleges or universities participating in this program.

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