The Creek Golf Course Layout

Hole 1

Par 4
Yardage 392

Relax. Avoid the big tree on the right side. Aim for left of center. Remember to add one club from the point of your drive. Use enough loft to hold on this elevated green.

Hole 2

Par 4
Yardage 330

Think left. This is really a 300 yard hole with trouble on the right. Tee off with a 5 iron and up. The green is well guarded. Hit a high quick-stopping approach to the left side of this elevated green. Avoid the severe fall-off on the right side of the green.

Hole 3

Par 3
Yardage 136

A friendly par 3. More often than not there will be a following wind. From this elevated tee think of a 7 or 8 iron, perhaps even a nine or a wedge.

Hole 4

Par 5
Yardage 521

A par 5 – 500+ yard hole with trouble both left and right and bunkers on the right about 200 yards out. Stay right on your drive. Take dead aim on the left side of the bunkers on the right side and let your ball roll downhill to the flat section beyond. You’ll be in the correct position for this guarded and elevated green. If you can’t hit a long, high 200 yard + shot that will stop, put a controlled iron or high wood shot in front of the green so you can place a wedge shot close to the pin.

Hole 5

Par 3
Yardage 175

Our signature waterwheel hole – a par 3. Shoot for the center of the green with a mid range iron. Avoid the creek on the left and the trash area in front of the tee.

Hole 6

Par 4
Yardage 397

From either of two tees, both across the creek, or on the hill on the right, both intended to lead you into extra thought and effort, take a normal swing and place the ball in the center of the fairway. Then add one club to your normal distance and go for the green. Remember the bunkers in front of the elevated green. At the green there’s trouble to the left and beyond.

Hole 7

Par 4
Yardage 459

A fairly difficult long par 4 with a mild dogleg about 200 yards out. Avoid trying to cut to close to the trees on the right side. This is lost ball-penalty territory. Stay centered and with your second shot go for the green with a long iron or fairway wood. There are bunkers on the right side of the green. Remember that this course has all elevated greens so factor this into your club selection.

Hole 8

Par 4
Yardage 421

You won’t see this hole from the tee. Get a good look at it when you play number 2. Notice the heavy rough on both the left and right sides of this fairway. From the tee aim right center of the fairway and prepare for a second shot from the top of the rise in the fairway in the vicinity of the 150 yard marker. Add extra club. The green is elevated and fronted with a bunker that catches many short shots.

Hole 9

Par 5
Yardage 563

This is a long par 5. Ordinary mortals should forget about reaching in 2. Stay away from the rough area on the left and place your drive to the left of the bunkers which are placed to catch the longer hitter. Look up the fairway and aim for the tallest of the trees on the right side and put your second shot over the sharp rise in the fairway. At your second shot position you can see the green, clubhouse beyond. Take a short iron into the right side of the green. Going left compounds your problems and brings the big bunkers in front of the green into play.

Hole 10

Par 4
Yardage 451

Off the tee aim for left center of the fairway, avoid the treeline down the right side. Driver or fairway metal should leave a mid or short iron approach to the green.

Hole 11

Par 4
Yardage 340

Make sure on this one you’re focused on 11 green and not 12 beyond. Consider a 1 or 2 iron on the drive and aim for the right side of the fairway (you’ll see a mound there). From there you’ll have a good view of the green – only an 8, 9, or wedge in. Don’t overshoot. There’s a pond beyond the green.

Hole 12

Par 3
Yardage 159

This is a par 3 from a severely elevated tee over a pond to a green fronted with bunkers. Figure about a two club difference on club selection.

Hole 13

Par 4
Yardage 346

This is a short and narrow par 4 with tree and rough trouble both left and right. From the right hand tee, the only requirement is to be straight. From the left tee, which makes this hole into a troublesome dogleg, just close your face slightly and bend a shot around the corner. Don’t be fancy. Take your second shot straight in. Remember that Rocky Creek is just beyond the green.

Hole 14

Par 3
Yardage 188

This is a straight away par 3. Keep in mind that Rocky Creek borders on the left and that 25 yards in front of the green a flowing branch to the creek cuts across the fairway.

Hole 15

Par 5
Yardage 444

The easiest par 5 on the course. Don’t press on the drive over the pond in front of the teeing area. A normal swing is fine. Both sides of this hole are wooded. Stay center. Remember that this green is elevated and bunkered, mainly on the right. Take more club to reach. Most players put their second in front of the green. If your plan calls for three and on, then put your second shot directly in front or to the right front of the green. Note the color of the flag and the pin position. This green slopes from back to front and a three-putt is always lurking.

Hole 16

Par 4
Yardage 330

A nice par 4 from an elevated tee. The fairway slopes steadily upward to a green well guarded with bunkers. A fairway bunker on the right is situated just where most right handed shots land. Stay centered. The green is very approachable. There’s chipping room at the green both left and long.

Hole 17

Par 5
Yardage 527

This is our longest hole. It’s narrow with trouble both left and right. Bunkers on the left front catch leftward drives. Stay centered and take a fairway wood to the left front of the green. Key to remember – this green is domed with the long axis running from left front to right rear. It’s elevated and protected by bunkers in the front. Unless you have pro-length, you probably can’t hit an iron second shot approach high enough to hold. On in three is great. If you go over, you’ll find grass bunkers that can cause difficulty because of the dome shape of the green. Par is a great score on 17.

Hole 18

Par 4
Yardage 433

Your view from the tee will be of a huge tree on the right side of the fairway. Short of that tree and on the other side of the fairway are deep grass bunkers. The rough on the left can be played; the rough on the right is impossible. Aim left of the tree but not so far left you catch the grass bunkers. A properly placed drive will give you an open view of the green, not elevated, but protected by bunkers left front and right rear. Hitting over the tree on the right is unlikely. It’s too tall. Either stay left or grip down and punch a long iron under. Par requires some navigating. A five is more likely on your first try.

 The Creek Golf Course